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Taking a geographic perspective, critically discuss the representation of gender OR race OR sexualities Or exclusion in education and training in one news article that you have found - Essay Example

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Despite great strides so far taken by women to enroll and pursue technological education, a bigger majority of this group is still absent from this field. Indeed the majority of women perceive technology and other disciplines of like inclinations as the male province. The…
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Taking a geographic perspective, critically discuss the representation of gender OR race OR sexualities Or exclusion in education and training in one news article that you have found
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Extract of sample "Taking a geographic perspective, critically discuss the representation of gender OR race OR sexualities Or exclusion in education and training in one news article that you have found"

Download file to see previous pages In this connection, it unravels some of the geography’s main concepts namely; place, space, landscape and environment. Some of the key areas of future debates are also explored. This article reveals the under-representation of the women in the social and the technical subjects through the higher education in Britain, possible impediments and discouragement in the face of the feminist geography. Some of the outstanding impediments laid out include the masculine occupational nature of the courses, the nature of the very scientific inquiry and the general lack of the women role models and the networks.
In a study to explore the various experiences of the students in the gender minority causes and some of the mixed economy college institutions, there were parallels identified between the males and female minority students in their learning process2. In vehicle engineering programs for instance, the students showed a satisfactory participation and well performance during the normal classwork. However, there were reported difficulties in the workshops where practical learning was required. Further probing into the possible causes of these variations in which case the female learners did not quite fair well during the workshops, the gender issues did not explicitly feature2. However, there was a concern for the intimidatory behavior and some of the gender stereotypes was seen as the factors contributing to the compromised female participation. In fact, the same gender tutors were at some points not seen as really important, even by the learners themselves. This brings in the whole question of gendering the space and place, and the role of the very place and space in the making of gender. This case of the work place, featuring the women at work and how the perceptions of the gender play a role, which transcends down to the making of the female identity2.
As indeed evident in the report, the female ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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