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Organisational behavior - Essay Example

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QUESTION 1 INTRODUCTION: BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: Globalization has generated a tough competitive environment for all the companies that are operating in the international market. Many factors are differentiating the organizations from each other, but an intriguing factor that has been come up front in recent years is the employee satisfaction is driving the competitive advantage for the organization…
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Organisational behavior
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Download file to see previous pages A directly proportional relationship has been identified between the two variables. This develops the understanding that if the job satisfaction increases than the productivity/performance of employee will also be increased, this increment in the employee’s productivity is creating a competitive advantage or giving the competitive advantage to the company. This research paper is conducted with the aim of identifying that at what extent the job satisfaction is creating the competitive advantage for the company; along with identifying those components of job satisfaction that are participating the most in improving job performance of the employees. Motivation leads to higher satisfaction, and higher satisfaction leads to higher productivity. LITERATURE REVIEW: Nowadays the companies are determining the reasonable balance between employee commitment and performance of the company (Cullen et al., 2013). The companies are providing fair compensation and rewards to the employees that are becoming the main factor in employees’ motivation and self-esteem. Manager has the responsibility to motivate the employees successfully and influence them by different managerial skills to improve organizational efficiency. According to Bratton, Sawchuk, Forshaw, Callinan, & Corbett, (2010) the ability and motivation drives the performance of an employee. Ability of an employee devised through his/her education, equipment, experience, training, ease in the task and two types of capacities i.e. physical and mental. According to Gagne & Deci (2005), the process of performance management is one of the most crucial elements of total reward system and employees at times have to motivate themselves. According to John (2002), the effective performance of an employee leads him/her towards the organizational rewards, as a result, the factor of motivation lies in their performance. Most of the companies require their employees to perform duties according to the rules and policies of the company and meet all the job standards. The studies that are conducted to determine the relationship between compensation and employees were focused to improve the performance of the employee in the organization (Lai & Chen, 2012). Nowadays employees that are highly motivated create a competitive advantage for their companies; because their effective performance leads an organization to well attainment of its goals. Among all the resources of the company; human resource is most important that can give the competitive advantage to the company. According to Bryman (2013), commitment of the employees is very much based on the reward and recognition system of the company. Most of the organizations increase the performance efficiency of employees by designing attractive rewards and compensation system in the company. Various researches have been done so far in determining the most effective way to increase the productivity of most of the employees in the organization, and it has determined that the most effective way to increase the work efficiency of employees is the rewards and compensation system in the company. Rewards and recognition system play an important role in developing employee satisfaction and motivation. The working environment is continuously changing with the technological advancement and changing human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organisational Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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