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The fact that everyone has to work to earn a respectable living is quite evident, however, there is not an accurate gauge to measure the level of satisfaction a job is providing individual. …
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Download file to see previous pages There are other employees who are said to be designed for the corporate sector who would like to face challenges at work and feel satisfied after meeting their targets. The case study has ample examples of the latter employees who work and travel so much that they hardly get time to breathe, figuratively speaking. Job Design and Job Satisfaction The examples of John Irene David and Tony reflect on how satisfied with their jobs. It can be seen that they have different motivating factors. You many find many people complaining about excessive travelling, sleepless nights and extra working hours. But Irene, John, David and Tony seem to have adjusted well with their jobs although it seems that the jobs they are doing are pretty hectic and stressful. It is their agreeableness to work under such conditions and adaptability that may be said to lead to their job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be defined as the level of gratification an employee feels towards the respective job. It can be subject to a person's capability to undertake the required tasks, the quality of communication within a firm and the management’s approach towards the employees. Job satisfaction is often difficult to quantify and varies from person to person. The firms interested in finding out the level of job satisfaction of their workers, frequently conduct surveys and assessments to verify the kind of strategies which need to be implemented in order to enhance job satisfaction. The analysis of the connection between job satisfaction and job performance has an argumentative history. The Hawthorne studies, which were carried out in the 1930s, are repeatedly attributed to making the researchers responsive of the consequences of worker’s attitudes on performance. Following the Hawthorne findings, analysts started pondering over the idea critically which explained that a happy worker leads to a better productivity. The major part of the former reviews of the abstracts recommended an unsubstantial and rather contradictory link between job satisfactions The job characteristics model consists of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback ( 2013). Irene from the example is from the bond- trading has substantial effects on the profits of many investors. Autonomy is the independence the employee has to design he work for his/her own comfort. Feedback is the degree to which the job needs feedback for the activities undertaken to ensure that the work done is effective and is being done in the right way. Irene would need to check results if she needs to see if what she is doing is in the best interest of investors. Skill variety is the level to which the job needs the performance of various activities for example the different tasks the investment banker needs to do. Task identity is the extent to which a job requires to be completed on time. Task significance is the importance of the job to the lives of other people. Job design defines the details of a job and designates the tasks and responsibilities of the post, the process of doing the job and the interaction between the seniors and the subordinates. Job design is an integral factor of the recruitment process and staff morale. Provided that the jobs are designed appropriately, resourceful managers will be attracted towards the organisation. The employees would be highly motivated to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. On the other hand, if the jobs are poorly designed, it would end in absenteeism, high staff turnover, differences, and other work related issues. The examples above have one factor in common, they are all of highly successful employees and their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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FACTORS OF JOB SATISFACTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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