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For Business Integration - Assignment Example

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Assignment for Business Integration Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Hertzberg’s Factor Theories 3 Process of Improving the Performance of Team Members 6 Conclusion 8 Reference 8 Introduction Employees are the most important part of an organization…
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Assignment for Business Integration
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"For Business Integration"

Download file to see previous pages If the employee productivity is at its highest level then the company would be beneficial after all. So every company should take care that every employee of the company is highly motivated so that they can provide their full effort. If an employee becomes demoralized then he can’t provide his 100% effort for the company as well as the employee can leave the organization, which is in turn the loss of the organization itself. Some researchers have stated some theories, following these principles the company management can make sure that the employees are well motivated. This report is an attempt to analyze the Hertzberg’s factor theories which influence the employees’ motivation positively and thereby suggesting some ways to improving the performance of the team members. Hertzberg’s Factor Theories Among the motivational theories presented by certain researchers the factor theories of Professor Frederick Herzberg is an important one. The motivation- hygiene theory of Herzberg was presented in three volumes. In the year 1959 it was first stated by Him. After that the theory was elaborated by him and at present the theory is applied by many organizations. The research about the motivation to work had two hypotheses. These are as follows The factors which are causing positive attitudes among the employees which affected their performance and the factors which are causing negative attitudes among the employees are different. The factors which affect the performance of the employees or personally differs for the job events which are extended over long term than the job events which are of short duration. From the research outcomes the factors which leading to job satisfaction and the factors which leading to job dissatisfaction are specified and thus it became the part of the theory. There are five factors of job satisfaction recognized by the researcher. These are the work of the employee (Is it challenging or not), the verbal recognition, the responsibility in the organization, the achievement and the promotion of the employee in the organization. If these five things are present in the organization then the basic needs of the employee will be satisfied and the employee would be able to produce an improved performance. On the other hand there are also certain factors which lead to the job dissatisfaction of the employees. These factors are the policy of the company and the practice of the administration, the working conditions, the interpersonal relations between the employees and especially with the supervisor, the technical quality of the supervisor, job security and remuneration. These factors are represented by Herzberg as the hygiene factors. Herzberg argued that when these hygiene factors are appropriately provided by the company management then the dissatisfaction of the employees is removed and performance of the employee get improved to a certain point. But providing only these factors don’t ensure the performance to the high level which is possible potentially. Regarding the human motivation Herzberg said that human being has two kinds of needs. One is the basic needs (life security, hunger, pain etc) and the other need is of psychological growth. Herzberg emphasized that there are need of motivators in the company as the employees who are the hygiene seekers are motivated only for a short term. They need external ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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