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Research Methods in Human Relations - Coursework Example

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Exercise #5 The research question that the researchers are attempting to answer in the first study is whether or not the presence of another driver influences the overall amount of time that it takes the other driver to exit and/or vacate another parking space…
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Research Methods in Human Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, the third study was merely attempting to draw inference no whether or not drivers were aware of the fact that others had an impact upon the amount of time they took to leave a parking spot (Ruback & Juieng, 1997). Although these research questions are similar in many ways, it cannot be understood that they are the same by any means. In total, the general phenomena of interest can be determined to be human behavior and the way in which constraints and understandings of territory or other factors impact upon the way in which humans act towards one another. Methodological triangulation was used by seeking to discuss what was expected, justify this with theory, and then measure these outputs against experiment yields. This is both qualitative and quantitative research due to the fact that numbers are readily engaged as a means of drawing inference upon the area of interest. Though it is impossible not to have any degree of bias with regards to any experiment, it appears as if the researchers in this particular case did their very best to avoid any large degree of observer bias. This is due to the fact that no broad generalizations, racial stereotypes, or sexism was found anywhere within the study in question. In such a way, it is impossible to ever have a situation in which truly unbiased or unobtrusive observation can occur; however, this is a benchmark that all researchers should strive towards. Exercise #6 One of the key topics I continually find myself interested in is with regards to the dynamics of marriage as it is neither a natural or evolutionary process connected to life as are so many other processes and actions of human reproduction, behavior, and survival mechanisms. Likewise, with regards to this aspect of behavior and rational action, I can say that I found the discussion regarding marital satisfaction to be particularly interesting due to the fact that it is a useful research topic in helping to not only understand marriage to a more appreciable level, it also helps to integrate a better understanding of divorce ratios and statistics within our current time. With regards to operationally defining such a concept/construct, it is necessary to first realize the fact that it would be necessary to narrow the focus to something that could be manageably researched. In such a way, it would be necessary to seek to measure such an operationally defined mechanism within a relatively narrow framework so that the most inference could be gained. Likewise, in order to accomplish such a goal, a strategy that might be employed would to be to seek to decipher the level of impact that divorced parents has upon overall divorce levels in their children. In such a way, the research will seek to create something of a standardized measurement of divorce that seeks to provide a level of inference with regards to the issues at hand. Exercise #7 The first advantage of using a mailed questionnaire is quite obvious and ultimately has to do with seeking to derive a high level of diversity and blindness with regards to the respondents which will be included. Such an approach has traditionally worked quite well with regards to the general population and allowed for a degree of diversity that could not have been engaged by many other means (Adler, 2011). However, it should not be understood that a particular approach that Enos took with regards to engaging in this particular study was the most efficient and effective with regards the given population that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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