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It is a theory that explains how the characters displayed by adults were influenced by the childhood experience. The first phase talks about object relation therapy in a psychoanalytic and…
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Object relations therapy and techniques
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Download file to see previous pages This is relative to the surroundings in the course of childhood. Furthermore, object relations theory in relation to psychodynamic theory advocates how people relate to situations and to each other in adulthood, this is brought about by family experiences gained during childhood. For instance, a grownup who experienced abuse or neglect in childhood would anticipate for related behaviours from others that remind them of the abuse and negligence from their past. The events and images of individuals ate turned into objects within the subconscious mind and are carried into adulthood. Moreover, these objects in the subconscious are used to forecast people’s conduct in their social interactions and relationships (Clarkin, Yeomans and Kernberg, 2007).
This is the psychic structure that is formed from earlier experiences the person has with significant custodians in his or her earlier life. Therefore, through internalization these objects are captured in a person’s personality; therefore, traces of the ancient relationship are traceable in one’s personality. This internal object is neither a representation nor memory, and rather it is an integral part of a person’s being. Individual’s choice and interactions with other people in the present life are some of the ways internal objects can be expressed. However, internal objects can also be changed depending on relationships with current external objects (Gurman and Kniskern, 2014).
The Self encompasses multiple components including the internal objects. One of them is the old-fashioned concept of self-image as an exclusive tool that moderates self-control by its control of sphincters, motility, and which contemplates associations with the outside world, and how it impacts on states, Secondly, parts and object of personality are brought together by the feelings suitable to the child’s know-hows of the object relationships, and lastly the internal objects. Thus, self ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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