An Evaluation Plan For A Training Program - Assignment Example

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An Evaluation Plan For A Training Program.
A training program has been designed for providing efficient service and improvement of handling customer objections for the service department of a highly reputed airlines company…
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An Evaluation Plan For A Training Program
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Download file to see previous pages This Training program has been conducted throughout the branches of the eastern zone of USA. The training program lasted for 2 months. After the successful conduction of the training program, the management decided to devise an evaluation method to measure the success of the training provided. An evaluation plan is an essential part of a proposal that offers feedback about the success or failure of a project after it has been developed and implemented.The purpose of evaluation of the training program is different for the person who conducted the training and for the people who participated in the program. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the views of both of the associated participants. In simple terms, the purpose statement helps in making decisions about the future of the overall organization or monitoring the program procedures to ensure continuance and improvement. A purpose statement is necessary to obtain relevance of a training program and for learning the impact of the training program on certain groups. Program logic models exhibit what a presented plan, new agenda, or focused transformation effort might include from start to finish. The elements in a program logic model consist of the resources, activities, outputs, short-term outcomes, intermediate-term outcomes, long-term outcomes and impact. In this case, the resources are the organizational infrastructure and financial investment. Activities are the detailed actions that make the program happen. Here the computers, internet connection, various software and training manuals are considered as activities. Outputs are the results of the activities, which is the delivery of the lectures and slideshow in this case. Outputs are often measured in terms of quantity and quality. Outcomes are the changes that take place within the awareness, skill, behavior, and knowledge level of the employees after the conduction of the training program. Impact is the final proposed change in an organization or community. Stakeholders The stakeholders related to the training program include the employees, the managers, the supervisors, and the trainers. These people have direct link with the training method. Stakeholders are people who have interest in the evaluating procedure and can utilize the results of evaluation for further improvement, both self-development and organizational development. Key evaluation questions 1. How was the trainer in terms of communication? 2. Did the trainer answer all your questions? 3. How much helpful was the training session? 4. How did the management cooperate in the successful completion of the session? 5. Was the allocated time sufficient for the entire learning procedure? Choosing an evaluation design Evaluation design can be of three types: Exploratory evaluation designs help us in the starting of a training program to recognize which training to provide and the methods that should be implemented. Descriptive designs help us to determine whether the program is being conducted as per plan, provide us with response about the programs offered, and decide whether the program is creating the desired output. Causal evaluation designs help to present more information regarding the relationship between the training imparted and the outcomes obtained. It presents a cause and effect relationship. For this specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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