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Changing Workplace Culture through team leadership - Research Paper Example

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Changing Workplace Culture through Team leadership Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Changing Workplace Culture through team leadership Introduction The management of Upper Mississippi Mental Health Center (UMMHC) is at a crucial stage of effecting a change in the workplace culture through team leadership with an aim of improving employee motivation, engagement, and performance, while reducing employee turnover and attaining sustainability for the organization…
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Changing Workplace Culture through team leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Workplace culture is a very essential factor in the success of organizations because it determines the levels of employee motivation, and performance thereby influencing organizational performance accordingly. It is in the least incentive of any organization to have employees that are unengaged and ill motivated because this inevitably leads to low organizational outputs. The organizational leadership culture, the system of unspoken norms and assumptions that govern how managers operate, is unescapably a powerful and distinct element in the organizational culture. The fast changing and complex business environment today requires organizations to operate at a strategic position that matches the complexities and uncertainties presented to them to ensure sustained growth and success. In this regard, every organization needs to thoroughly assess its strategic leadership culture as the first step in moving towards the establishment of a culture that powerfully steer the organizational goals and objectives against all odds in the business environments. ...
This has led to the move towards considering a change from the current bureaucratic style of leadership to team leadership to improve employee motivation, engagement, and productivity while reducing turnover and attaining sustainability for the organization. Literature Review A considerable amount of research has been completed in validation of the relationship between organizational culture, leadership culture, and employee levels of motivation, engagement, productivity, turnover, and organizational sustainability. Largely, most of the literature available is consistent insofar as the subject is concerned, that leadership culture influences organizational culture, and a complex interplay of these two factors is more likely to yield either positive or negative outcomes on employee motivation, performance and turnover. McGuire et al 2009 contends that organizations seeking to adapt to turbulent changes taking place in the fast paced complex business world need a new kind of leadership capability to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and to reform operations for sustainability (McGuire et al, 2009). Jones argues that inter-relationships between leadership team members and their behaviors with one another as well as with their staff have an influence in shaping the culture of their organizations (Jones, 2012). Corrigan et al (2002) examine the relationship between levels of transformational, transactional, and laissez-fare leadership and measures of organizational culture and burnout (Corrigan et al, 2002); leaders who rate themselves high in transformational leadership also rate their organizational cultures as transformational. Similarly, subordinates who rate their leaders high in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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