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Poor communication and lack of techniques of solving disagreements may lead to low returns, decrease in markets share, and high employee turnover. This essay analyzes how conflict and inefficient…
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Organizational communication and conflict in the workplace
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Download file to see previous pages The Sweet Waters leader believes that firms should install efficient communication channels to prevent conflicts. The Greenwich Tiles manager, on the other hand, believes that firms should install proper problem solving techniques as well as efficient communication channels. Some managers believe that companies should aim at implementing efficient communication and problem-solving frameworks; while the opponents of these strategies argue that they are time-wasting and expensive. The laws applicable in this topic include hiring, termination, and employer and employee rights. These laws promote conflict resolution and communication when companies adhere to their requirements. Organizations may enhance communication and disagreement resolution by training workers, developing adaptable cultures, and developing laws that govern equality at the workplace. Organizations may also use the Tuckman’s team development model to promote efficient team work that leads to efficient communication and problem solving.
Communication is the backbone of the success of every organization because it passes information between stakeholders such as managers, employees, customers, and suppliers. This means that if communication does not take place in a workplace, companies do not achieve their goals. However, communication may also lead to the failure of an organization if it is not efficient, friendly, and respectful (Heller 10). This means that companies must manage communication in their workplaces to ensure that it takes place and that it does not lead to conflicts. Most of the organizational managers fail to manage communication in their workplaces because their companies employ numerous employees who have diverse differences such as culture, beliefs, behavior, religion, and schooling (Let’s talk 12).
Poor communication in an organization may also arise from personal differences between workers, inefficient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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