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Staffing plan enhances immediate response to arising opportunities within the organization. This enhances making of appropriate decisions regarding staffing. Such decisions include hiring staff based on emotions instead of the organizational needs. …
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Developing Staffing Plan for an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages An organization may prompt to promote staff from within rather than critically analyzing the needs and consequences to the organization. This strategy might not be effective towards the success of the organization (Bhat & Simon, 2008).
Staffing plan enables organizations plan appropriately for the future through identification of current and future staffing requirements. This ensures compliance to the federal and state requirements, as well as assisting organizations in developing and communicating the staffing strategies to the stakeholders. Furthermore, staffing plan is critical in identification of contingency plans, and this addresses the staffing needs based on availability of resources. As a result, an organization can defend and explain the decisions taken when hiring or retrenching the personnel based on objective analysis and proper reasoning complimented by the staffing plan (Budahl, 1970).
A staffing plan necessitates transformation of the staffing function to ensure alignment of the human capital to the strategic goals of a company. This enhances utilization of employee, competitive positioning and overall effectiveness.This report presents a website development staffing plan. It covers the literature review, the staff resource; staff assigned roles, resource loading and organizational structure. 2.0. Literature Review From the business point of view, not all staffing positions require full time commitment. Some key functions can be bundled up together to enable a single position cover more than one function. Furthermore, some major functions may be under board committee member or volunteer. Ideally, the staffing plan entails all the staffing needs within a period of 2-3 years. Whenever an opportunity of adding staff arises, the organization response can be quick and assured. The current staff, stakeholders and board members enhances collection of input through which a draft plan can be pulled together within a short duration. Mostly, the drafting process starts by establishing goals and mission of the organization and identification of customer requirements. Identification of customer requirements enhances determination of the kind of staff required as well as determining key functions to keep the organization afloat (Bhat & Simon, 2008). Staffing plan outlines the responsibilities and assignment of various staff to different duties to enhance accountability. This must address the need for any financing or fundraiser. The people enhancing funding should be among the staff. The staffing plan should clearly outline the business objectives. This state the measurable targets on how the business aims must be achieved and sets out the values of the business. This enhances comprehensive understanding of the underlying basis the business actions. Normally, the business objectives reflect the desired financial outcomes. These include the desired profit levels and sales, the growth rates, the amount of generated cash, and the dividends or business value paid to the stakeholders. The objectives can be corporate, functional or unit. Corporate objectives express the relationship of the entire business, and the top management takes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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