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HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) - Assignment Example

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Based on stiff competition that firms have continued to experience, effective management of human resources has become a paramount aspect that is used by companies in order to remain competitive…
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Download file to see previous pages Performance management on the other hand covers the strategies put in place by companies to evaluate the performance of their employees. It is important to note that regular evaluation of employees is a vital strategy that ensures any deviation from the company policies is noted and the necessary steps undertaken. This paper critically analyzes the role of strategic management approach to human resource management as well as performance management. Strategic management approach to human resource management According to Armstrong and Long (1994) universal access concentrates on the best practices directed on the main four objectives of the management policies that should be met so as to get the expected organizational result.Similarly,universalistic approach assumes that there exist some best management practices which if put into practice will result to the best performance by the organization. Bannister and Bennett (1995) further argues that first the manager must conduct a personnel selection based on a test so as to determine their potential to have positive contribution to an organization. Further they argue that recognition of training to be an activity that is continuous is another strategic role to human resource management. ...
made a formulation which includes low-cost leadership in which his aim was to increase organizations share in the market by embracing the lowest cost per unit and price in comparison to the competitors.On the other hand, differentiation strategy stipulates that managers show a discrepancy in their products and services in relation to those of their competitors found in the industry. This makes it possible for customers to be willing to pay an extra coin. Deery and Walsh (1990) supported the four models relating to strategic orientation. Defenders according to him are companies which have a product line that is limited and where the management strives to improve the existing operations efficiency. Prospectus have considerably product lines that are broad and their main focus is innovation of products and opportunities in market.Analysers operate under markets that has two unrelated products, one stable while the other is variable. In this case, senior managers put emphasis on efficiency in areas that are stable and innovation in variable areas.Finally; reactors are those companies which do not have consistent structure, culture and strategy relationship. In this orientation, responses from senior management to changes in the environment and pressures seem to be strategic adjustments that are piecemeal. The role of strategic management approach to human resource management as stipulated by Moore business school is initiating mentoring programme aimed at making new employees be at into par with the rest relating to policies or any project in progress. A company must assess, coach or train employees to help them work better. Companies that invest in their employees produce high quality products. Strategic human resource management makes the work of the manager to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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