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Strategic human resource planning entails the simulation and programming for given competencies, skills and talents to occupy various designated jobs in an organization. Such a program should always be carried out with a proper arrangement to ensure effectiveness in the…
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HR Plan
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Human Resource (HR) Plan al Affiliation Human Resource (HR) Plan Strategic human resource planning entails the simulation and programming for given competencies, skills and talents to occupy various designated jobs in an organization. Such a program should always be carried out with a proper arrangement to ensure effectiveness in the implementation phase. At Samsung, there are already in place extensive organizational structures and management personnel that occupy designated jobs (Chang, 2012). Nevertheless, the human resource function in all organizations always carries out evaluations and appraisal to meet immediate pressing demands as well as remain relevant for the long term. Samsung Company was incorporated in 1938 in Korea and has steadily grown to be one of the greatest global brands in the digital electronics manufacturing industry. The steady growth of the company is attributed to the effective innovation and competent human resource management (Chang et al, 2012).
HR Planning involves the consideration of initiatives and approaches to improve on the performance of an office or department tin an organization without merely being personal (Crim et al, 2013). This paper provides a simulation of HR plan intended for two key positions that are deemed to demand some appraisal going by the experienced performance outputs over the past few years. This HR plan is based on the designated offices in the U.S. section at the Consumer Business division. The offices and personnel selected for appraisal are the Marketing Manager and the Corporate Strategy Officer.
Marketing Manager
The office of the marketing manager of the U.S. section of Samsung Inc has been deemed to be ineffectual in terms of new market niche developments. The target growth rate in terms of penetration has not been up scaling and therefore the need for HR appraisal. This appraisal will look into ways of improving the competency of the staff in the office of marketing manager with a view of facilitating greater data and information to the staff to improve their work.
Corporate Strategy Officer
The corporate strategy office at the U.S. section of the Consumer Business division is also considered for further appraisal. This program should elicit for the department greater resources and managerial insights to be able to develop more effective strategies that will defend the niche markets and expand the brand appeal to new segments of the market. It is postulated that with greater brand appeal, the company and the division should almost double its sales and market penetration in the next two years among elite American consumers.
The HR Plan will seek to afford for the department and entire division technical support in terms of technologies and implements that will facilitate greater work flow and greater team collaboration. It is also expected that the program should inculcate a greater spirit of team work among the worker because it seen to be dwindling at the division. Nevertheless, this appraisal declares that the work done by the division has been exemplary and there are no grave faults that need to be corrected. Instead, the intention is only to bolster the effort with additional managerial and operational resources. Suffice it to say, greater market penetration will improve the company’s overall profitability.
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