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Employment Laws and HRM Strategy - Research Paper Example

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This research paper focuses on disciplinary action training for supervisors of diverse employees in relation to Texas labor laws. The field of human resource management has realized that human personnel forms the most important aspect of an organization…
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Employment Laws and HRM Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Small, medium and large organizations all have diverse employees who should be treated with respect and appreciated according to their differences (Cihon, & Castagnera, 2010). Globalization in the world has resulted in diversity in all regions of the world. The diversity is reflected in all areas of the workforce such as when hiring and recruiting employees. The law is very strict in the protection of employee rights as specified in the different labor laws of different states. Nowadays, most organizations also ensure that they give employees from either gender an equal chance in employment for all available positions. The needs of both groups need to be taken into consideration since both are different in their own ways (Armstrong, 2011). The state of Texas is no exception and requires all employers to refrain from discriminating from individuals based on their race, gender or any physical features (Texas Employment Law, 2012). Individuals from different backgrounds have different beliefs, values, and traditions. Some of these values might be reflected in the way that they work hence affect the workplace. However, no employee at the workplace should be treated differently just because they have different values, beliefs or traditions from other employees. Diversity in the workplace improves the image of an organization in the eyes of the customers. With the growth of information sharing in the world, target clients of an organization can easily rate an organization in terms of employee treatment (Cihon, & Castagnera, 2010). Customer awareness groups are likely to boycott the products or services of an organization that does not promote diversity. Many human resources management gurus have also cited that diversity in the workplace encourages innovation and creativity among employees. HRM Plan to manage the HRM situation within the confines of the law The human resources management department of the organization should develop relevant classes for their supervisors on current issues in the workplace. The classes should be interactive to ensure that there is the complete understanding of relevant issues. The human resources department should also conduct periodic demographic monitoring to ensure that the workforce is balanced. The workforce should have diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and physical traits (Cihon, & Castagnera, 2010). The disciplinary action that is taken by the supervisors on the employees should be uniform among all existing employees in the organization. Such an action sends a message of equality even in diversity. The human resources department should also communicate the importance that it attaches to equal opportunities and diversity in its workforce. Current and potential employees of the organization should have access to the opportunities that are available in the organization. The human resource management part of the organization should use modern methods of managing the employees. The top management and executives’ should be close to employees to encourage them to achieve the set objectives in the organization. To ensure inclusion of the diverse group of employees, the human resources management department can come up with a culture day. The culture day should be held regularly such as on Fridays.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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