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How can managers assist employees with their career development - Research Paper Example

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How can managers assist employees with their career development? Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 2 Introduction 3 Analysis 3 Conclusion 9 References 10 Introduction The present business environment can be termed as highly fluctuating and very competitive in the form of increased market competition as well as pressure from the external environment…
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How can managers assist employees with their career development
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Download file to see previous pages It has also been stated that presence of a motivated workforce is very critical to the success of a firm in the market. It has been proved in various researches that job satisfaction is an essential aspect that leads to motivation among the employees. A motivated employee is known to provide the best shot at the workplace and is likely to view his or her tasks as responsibilities rather than routine work that can lead to organizational efficiency generating competitive advantage for the organization. The aspect of motivation is also directly linked to career development of the individual employees. The role of the manager or the supervisor becomes very important in this regard as their attitude can lead to considerable effects on the level of motivation and job satisfaction. The present paper would try to analyze the role of the managers in assisting employees towards their career development Analysis The concept of career development has been a matter of consistent research over the last few decades. During the era of the 80’s the focus was based on the ‘unitarist’ practices with employees extending their career options to multiple employers in an attempt to get the best of development of their personal careers. The present age has led to a situation in which employers are facing issues of high turnovers that has led to formulation of strategies that call for the need to ensure career development of the employees so as to ensure motivation and job satisfaction that can in turn help retain the best employees in the organization. The aspect of career development also calls on managers and supervisors to formulate practices that tend to encourage and improve their learning curves. The recent recession and downturn in the markets also had a very negative impact on the relationship with employees and their managers as well as on the careers of employees who were downsized in order to maintain costs. However, many organizations and managers have realized this as an opportunity to ensure a relationship based on partnerships and mutual benefits leading to a condition of greater shared responsibility that has led to generation of a positive sentiment even during times of severe crisis situations like the economic recession (Bratton & Gold, 2001, p.172-180). Figure 1: Career Development Model (Source: Bratton & Gold, 2001, p.182) The figure above shows a career development plan that combines the organizational needs along with the career development of an employee in the organization. The model proposes a session for career counseling that can be used to integrate organizational requirements with the career growth and competence of an individual employee. The model also shows a significant and important role for the manager in the entire process as the entire task of making a mutual integration with the career goals of an individual employee. The manager has a key role in making a decision about the type of training program that should be suitable for the employee so as to ensure organizational development as well as career development of an individual (Bratton & Gold, 2001, p.172-180). Numerous research conducted by academic and professional circles have stated the importance of the role of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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