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The study “HR Planning at Qantas” primarily seeks to put forth the effectiveness of human resource planning in organizations and its effects in attaining employee loyalty and satisfaction. Organizations have been focusing their attention towards improving employee relations…
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HR Planning at Qantas
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Download file to see previous pages In this situation organizations have been increasingly trying to find out what employees think and want from them1. The question of trade union has an important role to play in this context. They are meant to ensure that employees desires are satisfied and that they get a proper working environment and culture for conducting their jobs conveniently and comfortably too. It is also crucial that the strategies that the management undertakes are willingly accepted by employees and unions in order to ensure to make them effective and successful. Employee’s acceptance of the organizational strategies accounts for a key factor for their effective implementation. The project seeks to present the present situation at Qantas Airways which Australia’s flag carrier and regarded as one of the most well known airlines in the world. The company’s maintenance and repair costs account for one of the most expensive in the world; however, they are the least efficient at the same time. The most important and prominent contingency faced by the company was to implement any plan as the staff were not willing to accept in change initiated by the management. As presented by Kavanagh and Ashkanasy, (2006), any change management strategy must strive to bring about a complete cultural change in the organization in order to be successful and the most important component in this change process is effective communication and transparency and must be led under proper and competent leadership ....
Strategic contingencies affecting the strategic choices that Qantas has from theoretical and practical perspective and effect of the choices on human resource planning The most important and prominent contingency faced by the company was to implement any plan as the staff were not willing to accept in change initiated by the management. As presented by Kavanagh and Ashkanasy, (2006), any change management strategy must strive to bring about a complete cultural change in the organization in order to be successful and the most important component in this change process is effective communication and transparency and must be led under proper and competent leadership2. The various contingencies towards bringing out the changes can be discussed under the certain theories and models3. The primary change management principles are discussed as under. Figure 1: Primary Change Management Principle (Source: Hiatt & Creasey, 2003, P. 15) In this case the resistance towards change is primarily the main focus of concern. The main aim was to reduce the maintenance costs for which new maintenance regulations were attempted to be implemented. The new maintenance regulations were issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to align the functioning of the airline in accordance to that followed by the European airlines. It also tries to make further advancement in its technologies and services. He realized that the numerous people were responsible for maximizing the profitability of the aircraft in terms of fuel efficiencies and introduction of new products and services. However, it was also realized that the maintenance costs and repair costs were extremely high and this required a complete ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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