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Change and Continuity in European Airlines - Case Study Example

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The purpose of this paper “Change and Continuity in European Airlines” is to critically demonstrate the eleven functions of the Human Resource Management as used in British Airways. The eleven functions, namely the HR planning, Job Analysis, Job design, Recruitment, Selection, and Induction…
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Change and Continuity in European Airlines
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Extract of sample "Change and Continuity in European Airlines"

Download file to see previous pages The British Airways was founded in 1924 and at that time was called the Imperial Airways. (British Airways) It operated under the name of the Imperial Airways until 1935 after which several small companies merged with it to form the BA Limited. The 1930s was the time for the shift from the market economic system to the command economic system. This economic shift had an impact on the BA too as it was nationalized in 1939, according to BA (1938), to become the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). It remained the same till 1972 when the BOAC and the British European Airways (BEA) combined together to unite under the BA as Gaskell (1999) relates.
According to Corke (1986), the slogan of the BA is to be the ‘The World’s Favourite airline’ and it has done a lot to meet the slogan it initially set. The BA operates in around 94 countries and has around 49,957 employees worldwide. It provides services that include Passenger Air, Cargo Air, and Corporate Travel Services. Morrell (2007) states that in the year 2006, the BA held assets that were around $21.43 billion. Also, the BA ranks to be the 587th in the global list of companies according to the Forbes magazine, and number 442 in the Fortune 500 companies.
Since the BA has to keep up with the standards that are accepted globally in terms of reliability, comfort for the customers, and more importantly to achieve the goal for which it was basically created that is to be the World’s Favourite Airline, it has to concentrate on the importance of its work culture. A work culture accounts for around eighty percent of the performance management in an organization. Therefore in order to achieve its respective goals, the BA has stressed the importance of the human resource management. Of course, there have been certain strengths and weaknesses of the policies that have been adopted by the airline. However, overall the attitude of BA towards the HRM has been a positive one. The recent problems that the airline face do depict another story. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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