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Review of Academic Journal Articles - Essay Example

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Review of Academic Journal Articles Review of Academic Journal Articles Human resource is the vital resource for any organization as the success or failure of the business depends on the contributions made by them. This very reason compels the organizations to set up a separate department for the care and wellbeing of its employees…
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Review of Academic Journal Articles
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Download file to see previous pages 1. International and Comparative Employment Relations The book International and Comparative Employment Relations by Bamber, Lansbury and Wailes (2004) mainly contemplates on Industrial Relations and Human Resource management from an international perspective. To give the readers a comprehensive idea of employee relations, they have attempted an interdisciplinary approach which use analytical tools that have been drawn from various streams. To get a better view of internationally comparative approach to HR, the employee information in a number of states are also enclosed here by the authors. The employee relations of various developed countries that have well defined market economies have been described and systematically analyzed. The employ relation of the past is compared with the present affairs. With advent of globalization, the HR scenario got changed. The ripples of this change were visible in fields like industrial relation systems and collective bargaining. As globalization helped the growth of employee mobility, it is easy for the organizations to recruit and train employees at a cheaper cost. ...
As far as the developing or underdeveloped countries are concerned, they could find some qualified workers from the developed countries. Apart from Britain, other nine countries are also examined in the light of a similar format that analyzed the environment relations and the people and organizations that play major roles in determining the solidarity of the employer- employee relationship. Studying the experiences of other countries helps the reader to get an overview of his own country and the existing practices (Bamber, Lansbury & Wailes, 2004). However, the matters discussed herein are confined to ten developed countries that have got a well developed market economy. The points of view of other countries have been forgotten conveniently. What the world witness in the present day is the triumphing of Asian nations including India and China as economic powers. Being two vast countries in terms of population, they provide majority of the work force to other countries. It is odd to avoid such nations that constitute the majority of the labor force in prominent companies worldwide. If the details of employee and industrial relations of the developing countries also have been included this article would have been an excellent work providing information about the industrial relations around the world at a single glance. This book does not provide information as to how an organization maintains a good relationship between its managers and the employees. With the passage of time, industrial relations have become one of the most delicate and complex problems of the modern industrial society. The term industrial relations are used to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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