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The Social Dimension of the European Union is Weak in Comparison to Market Oriented Policies - Essay Example

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This discussion talks that European countries have been moving towards economic integration into a single market with a single currency as medium of exchange. This was to water down the effects of competition arising from capitalism. The European Union is weak in comparison to market-oriented policies…
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The Social Dimension of the European Union is Weak in Comparison to Market Oriented Policies
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Extract of sample "The Social Dimension of the European Union is Weak in Comparison to Market Oriented Policies"

Download file to see previous pages These issues were to be achieved through the use various social action programmes and a social fund which was to be operated at European Union (EU) level. However, Geyer (2000) observes that most nations did not apply the contents of the social policy in reality but opted for state based policies to curb any effects in the market such as recession or depression. Furthermore, the conservative government of Britain which was very much opposed to trade unions was not willing to endorse the policy or what was referred as the social charter. To counter the dissatisfaction with the social policy, amendments were made to the social charter and new issues addressed so as to make it appealing and enhance economic and social cohesion. According to Archer (2000), the social dimension of internal market was to be achieved through various ways. First, it was to foster mobility of labour within the EU member states. To achieve this, the member states had to establish a standard form of hiring practices thus the qualifications one gained in his/her state was to be recognized by all members. Members were also to avoid all forms of discrimination in its labour activities especially for women and the handicapped. Vocational training was to be given to ensure all workers had the skills needed to enter the job market. According to Gold (1993), a social fund and a regional fund was to be maintained to assist the poor and the needy such as the handicapped, women and the poor so as to set up small businesses to improve their standards of living and as a source of employment. The final charter thus included such issues as; equality between men and women, formation of worker associations, collective...
As the report declares the social policy touches on various issues on how to develop workers by improving their work conditions and living standards. The issues discussed included; harmonization of social systems, labour laws, working conditions, occupational health and safety, formation of trade unions and collective bargaining. Vocational training was also of importance as they impact directly on the labour market. The social policy also aimed at ensuring equality in pay and increased mobility of workers within the single market.
This article stresses that the employment policy is an important tool in the social dimension as most of the issues concern employment relations. The responsibility of the policy is shared by the EU and the member states and is aimed at fulfilling various functions. Gold identifies the role of the employment policy which is; to make labour functions better by equipping people with appropriate skills and improving the quality of jobs; to promote sharing of best practices in areas such as employment, poverty reduction, pensions and social exclusion; governing implementation of social security schemes among other roles. Most states thus opt to use own policies to solve problems moreover, the welfare policies of some states and social legislation are not upto the expected EU standards while some other states lack resources to enable them to comply with the requirements of the charter. The willingness to implement the social policy is also affected by the government in place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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