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In contemporary era of rapid globalization, ethical considerations become highly critical element of promoting mutual respect and cross cultural understanding. Globalization has greatly facilitated migration of people from across the globe…
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Ethical behavior in workplace
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Ethical behavior in workplace In contemporary era of rapid globalization, ethical considerations become highly critical element of promoting mutualrespect and cross cultural understanding. Globalization has greatly facilitated migration of people from across the globe. The multicultural societies have increasingly become a norm as it comprises of individuals from different countries, culture, race and color. Ethical behavior in personal and professional lives is important aspect of leaders and managerial leadership, especially within work environment (Adam and Mane, 1998). Till recently I was working for a fast food joint. One day, I was really shocked at the way my manager behaved towards a new recruit, an Afro American youth, who was eager to serve the customer. He had not only rebuked the young boy for showing unnecessary enthusiasm but was also quite vocal in showing his racial prejudice by denying him his right to serve customers. I believe that if diversity within workforce is present, there is absolutely no place for racial discriminations. Workplace environment must constantly encourage ethical practices. It is imperative that managerial leadership must display high standard of code of conduct because they are people who are capable of motivating other for optimal work performance. Indeed, the leaders, through self example and having exemplary traits like tolerance, cross cultural understanding and empathetic attitude hugely create an encouraging work environment. They also promote positive relationship that reflects in improved productivity and good will of the organization. I was offended by the whole episode and reacted by pointing out that the manager was not only violating work ethics but that his act can be justifiably construed as racial discrimination. As a junior manager, my comments were not well received but atleast the young man was allowed to serve new customers. I was given a negative entry in my employee logbook. I was not much bothered because my actions had good results. The restaurant’s credibility was not compromised and important message got through the manager that racial bigotry would not be tolerated by the staff. It was an important event that has made me realize that knowledge and ethics empower persons to stand against injustice. We live in societies where people come from diverse background. The value system inculcated by my parents was a vital enabling element that had equipped me with necessary confidence to fight for things that I consider to be right. I also believe that my education has provided me with huge plethora of information and knowledge. It has equipped me with informed choices that I consciously make efforts to apply in my decision making. Most importantly I also realize that event is not an isolated one! It can be repeated anytime anywhere. Interestingly, it also made me realize that I have leadership qualities that must be used for wider welfare of society and community. I therefore, resigned from my post in the restaurant and I have decided to go for higher studies in managerial leadership. It is high time to look beyond the color of skin and work towards developing an environment of equity. (words: 503) Reference Adams, D. M. and Maine, E. W. ‘Business Ethics for the 21st Century’. Mayfield Publishing Company. 1998. Read More
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