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European Social Model European Social Model (ESM) is a set of principles and values geared towards solidarity, social justice, gender equality, and equal access to employment for all. It is the vision of the Europeans to combine sustainable economic growth with better living and working conditions…
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, ESM had in mind the inclusion of most of the citizens if not all in making decisions that affect them in the respective countries. ESM has enabled better working conditions in Europe through social dialogues and collective bargaining. According to Europe Industrial Relation dictionary, article eight of Treaty of Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) has been the pillar that supports better working conditions. Its policies and activities takes into account requirements linked to promotions to the highest levels of employment, guarantee of adequate social protection, protection of human health and encouraging the highest level of education (Europe Industrial Relation dictionary, 2011, p.1). Good Industrial relations exist at national level, across other industries, and at the company level that allow companies to take social responsibility of its surroundings. To workers, collective bargaining means better salary and terms of employment with better living conditions. Statistics show that Europe has the highest percentage membership to trade unions at 24% compared to US at 12 % and Japan 18.5%. This means more involvement in workers in decision that concern them and better working conditions. The European Social Model is a success. First, more and more employees joining trade unions show that they are happy about the collective bargaining, which has to date enabled better working conditions. ...
Therefore, Europe should continue with the ESM to be an example to other countries of the world. Institutional and Cultural Systems in US versus Japan It is undeniable that the institutional and cultural orientation of a given country greatly determines the perspectives of human resource management. This explains why human resource management in different countries approach their mandate differently (Indiana University of Pennsylvania web). US being one of the major countries dominated by whites since time immemorial, institutional and cultural systems are largely based within the constructs of whiteness. Although there are many institutional and cultural factors affecting HRM operations in US, white supremacy is the most predominant. White culture in US means that most HRM operations have to satisfy the white culture (Pudelko, 2006, p. 123-126). For instance, HRM will consider factors such as racial factors, white ego, white social constructs, power, privileges, and dominance that are mostly associated with the American whites. This is quite different from other countries such as Japan where other institutional and cultural values are valued. Japan institutional and cultural system is largely based on the traditionally emphasized collectivism. Japanese culture system shares the values, which have been passed on as tradition throughout its history. These historical constructs greatly influence the institutional values since they are bound by traditions, most of which uphold collectivism (Pudelko, 2006, p. 126-138). As such, the HRM operations seek to organise the human resource such that collective gain is achieved whilst individual contribution is appreciated at the same time. This has been one of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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