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Economy and Society in Europe a Relationship in Crisis - Essay Example

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This essay "European Industrial Relations" manages to identify is the concept whereby countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark have crafted some employment laws that establish the relationship between employers, employees, and trade unions. …
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Economy and Society in Europe a Relationship in Crisis
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Download file to see previous pages This model came into existence after World War II. These countries opened their economies by abandoning protectionist policies. This social model was also possible because of the availability of cheap energy to drive their industries. European states usually do not have a single social model that applies to all of them. However, welfare states have some similar broad characteristics. These characteristics include the commitment to a social protection scheme, democracy, social inclusion, and full employment (Vanhuysse, 2012).
The European community treaty establishes several objectives that these states have to meet. These objectives include promoting employment opportunities, improving the working and living conditions, establishment of trade unions, better management and labor policies, encouraging investments, developing human resources, and tackling the problem of unemployment. The focus of this model varies amongst the various European states. This is because each state puts some focus on a different aspect of this social model, and the European treaty. Due to the differences in the implementation of this social model, it has been argued that there are four main social models in Europe (Munck, 2012). They are the Anglo-American model, the Nordic, the Continental, and the Mediterranean model. This paper concerns itself mainly with the Anglo-American and the Continental European economic models, and how these models treat employees working in their industries.
These social models encouraged industrialization; hence there was the need for workers to drive the growth of these industries. Up to date, business organizations, irrespective of their sizes are responsible for employing a large percentage of workers in Continental Europe, and the Anglo-American economy. These firms account for wealth creation in Europe, and they determine the political organizations which are responsible for regulating the society and the economy. The areas of regulation are on the status of European employees, and their welfares or interest (Burroni, 2012). It is important to denote that the continental European social model is different from the Anglo-American social model. The manners in which these two models treat their employees are very different. This paper seeks to analyze the Anglo American social model, and how it treats its employees.
This paper also analyzes the Continental European social model, and how it treats its employees. After these analyses, this paper identifies their differences and similarities. This paper takes a stand that the working condition of the Continental European employees is far much better than the working conditions of the Anglo-American employees. This paper explains how Continental Europe managed to improve the working conditions of its employees. In explaining these points, this paper focuses on Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.
The countries that ascribe to the Anglo America model are Ireland and the United Kingdom. According to this model, the state plays a minimal role in regulating the performance of its market. That means the elimination of various barriers to trade such as taxes. It also means that the state does not interfere with the pricing system of companies. This is because the level of competition within an economy will most definitely determine the prices of products sold in the economy. This model is also characterized by very high competition amongst companies. This is because it is a capitalistic economy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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