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HRM processes and practices in UAE - Essay Example

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HRM Processes and Practices in UAE [University] [Instructor Name] HRM Processes and Practices in UAE In order for a business to succeed in a country, it is highly important for the entity managing the business to understand the business environment of the country in its entirety…
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HRM processes and practices in UAE
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Download file to see previous pages UAE has significantly developed in the recent past and in a very short period of time it has become an example of economic growth. UAE has been attracting investment from all around the globe and it is being considered one of the best avenues for business expansion. The analysis conducted in the paper would try to provide sufficient foundation for the fact that UAE is a suitable avenue for the expansion of business. Socio-Political Background of UAE UAE has been providing routes to international business for centuries and it has been providing access to 1.5 billion consumer markets in West Asia, Africa and East Europe. Thus, it can be said that UAE has been a suitable avenue for international business expansion for a very long time. However, in the recent past, the infrastructural development in UAE has made the country even more feasible for business expansion in the UAE. The economic development in the country makes investment in the country profitable in short term. Over the past 26 years, the economy of the country has swelled by more than six times. In numerous cases, the investment in a business in a country does not turn out any profits for years however the accelerated economic activity in the UAE ensures that investment in the country would turn out profits in a shorter period of time (Oxford Business Group). The political environment in UAE is also feasible for business expansion as the visionary leadership of the UAE is diverting all its efforts towards industrial and economic development in the country. The leadership of the UAE has been really encouraging towards international businesses who intend to invest in UAE. Therefore the political environment of UAE is feasible for the establishment of business in the country. The country is one of the top producers of oil and this fact adds up to the feasibility of the country as a business expansion avenue. Dubai International Airport offers 300 flights on a daily basis to and from around 100 destinations therefore managing a business in UAE would not be a problem since it would be possible to be available in the UAE at any time. Business Environment in UAE Due to the increased economic development in the recent past, UAE has become the center of attention for international investors. A number of international business have started operating in UAE and due to presence of organizations from all around the world, the business environment in UAE is not static. The business environment in UAE is dynamic and it responds towards the increasing international investment in the country. The following factors would shed some light upon the business environment in UAE: Organizational Structure The organizational structures in the UAE are dynamic as business can have complete foreign ownership. Local businesses have an Eastern influence therefore they have hierarchical structures, however it is not necessary for all the organizations to have a hierarchical structure and the line of command can be shortened by adding channels of communication among different levels (Hvidt, 2007). Industrial Relations Industrial relations in UAE are influenced by the political environment of the country. UAE is a federation therefore there are no political parties or elections. Due to lack of any political pressure, the industrial relations are not founded upon unions or any political parties. Due to the increasing economic developm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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