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Some important innovative practices in recruitment - Essay Example

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This assignment goes through some important innovative practices in recruitment, training and performance appraisal, which companies are executing to reap the expected benefits. “Small businesses in the UK have responded to the downturn with innovative HR and leadership solutions”…
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Some important innovative practices in recruitment
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According to the research findings the hiring scenario has gone through dramatic changes in the past decade with organizations, consequent increasing talent crunch. The use of internet is an innovative approach in this hiring scenario. While sources such as campus recruiting, head hunters, and lot of executive search processes plays their own role, organizations develop strong internet recruiting capabilities to enable recruitment processes efficiently. “There is no doubt that the use of the Internet and social networking sites to recruit candidates and screen applicants is on the rise”. Internet Helps in Three Areas of the Recruitment Process:
• Identifying large number of candidates which is not possible through other sources
• Screening process automation
• Advertisement to potential targets
Internet provides considerable appeal to college graduates, young talents, workers and executives. The acceleration resumes capture, and processing are done by the web, and it helps to remove most of the steps in the old processes. It also gives faster information review and standardized applicant data, and ultimately provides productivity and effectiveness. The trend however is towards reaping the benefits of online social networking. To this trend, there are websites like Linkedlin, and job portals such as Technology based training method is one of the best practices used to train staff, which include computer based training, electronic performance support system, distance and internet based training and audiovisual based training.

“The growing adoption of technology based training in organizations has been fueled largely by the potential practical benefits offered by these systems” (Bell & Kozlowski 31). Computer based training usually involves teaching the trainees to do the job using a system, computerized simulations and multimedia including videotapes. The computer screen shows the applicants employment application and information of the job. In other training methods the trainees have to go or manage time for training, but in this case trainee can do it at their own pace. “Within a self-paced instructional program, an employee may review specific topics on which he/she needs clarification” (Chappell). People normally cannot recollect all the things they learnt, and it is the same in the case of training too, so computer based support systems provide the employee with the knowledge and information about the organization regarding systems, workprocesses, culture etc. Electronic performance supportive systems can be referred to as a job aiding mechanism these days. It is a set of displays and computerized tools that executes training, phone support, documentation, and integrates all applications, which are faster, cheaper and more effective than any other traditional methods. Now firms are using various methods of distance learning tools for training, which includes teletraining, video conferencing, and internet based classes. The benefits in tele training are that the trainer in a central location can teaches groups of employees in a remote area. If the employees are geographically separated they use videoconferencing. Some organizations facilitate internal intranet training to their employees, or they can take online training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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