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Resourcing: Recruitment and Selection Introduction In the wake of stiff competition, organizations are becoming smarter in recruitment and selection of the right personnel to handle various tasks. The human resource professionals are being tasked with the responsibility of recruiting and selecting the best talents with the capability of keeping the organization ahead of its peers…
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Resourcing: Recruitment and Selection
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Download file to see previous pages Recruitment This is the act of resourcing for talents with the capacity to bring desirable changes to the organization through immediate contribution or long-term benefits (Beardwell and Clayton 176). It always involves systematic attraction, identification, selection, and redeployment of people of great value to the organization (Taylor 41). The employees to be identified must consist of individuals with potential of boosting internal mobility, countering perceptions of elitism, and supporting wider cultural changes needed in the organization. A company that is experiencing problems with its workers can also consider sub-contracting of workforce since it has numerous benefits. Recruiting Innovative Leaders The identification of authentic and innovative leaders in the stream of the talent pool is one of the most difficult responsibilities for the HR professionals since most of them are currently employed and thus are not looking for a job (McDonnel 211). Most effective and advance recruiting options available for HR professionals to exploit include peer referrals, professional societies and alumni lists, and special media networking among others (Wilkinson and Redman 33). The use of technology by the HR team is also likely to result into fruitful candidates suitable for the job who can help the company advance. The sourcing of middle to upper level management is crucial and may need peer referrals since others already have a strong knowledge of the strengths and capabilities required in various departments (Siobham, Morley and Forley, 190). The use of peer referrals helps in the identification of the candidates who possess the needed skills and can easily cope with the organizational culture. Professional societies are also another way of sourcing potential candidates for key positions in the company (Ralston 13). More unique and functional areas require professional societies to identify and recruit the right candidates with the ability to perform various challenging tasks for the company. Since the business societies are composed of specialists and scientist, needed for research and development, the specialized societies are important in identifying people for such positions. Behavioural and Professional Assessment Strong scientific basis for behavioural assessment and the influx of technology has enabled the HR professionals’ access various tools that they can use for their recruitment strategies. The behavioural assessments are amongst the tools than can be successfully used in selecting and recruiting people to perform specific tasks for the organization (Mellahi and Wood 14). Individual differences provides the HR professionals with the opportunity to administer proper selection as they capitalize on various experiences of each person in coming up with the best candidates. The use of cognitive ability test provides good candidates for the management level than most of other recognized methods. The cognitive ability test that applies space visualization, word fluency, and symbolic reasoning is good in determining the creativity of candidates needed for various tasks (Llorens and Kellough 15). Personality tests are also ideal method for recruitment since it enables the HR professi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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