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There is no denial that all organizations are set up based on specific goals, aims and missions. Most often than not, organizations are set up to either become profit yielding or to improve the lives of people in the community. …
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Arousing Enthusiasm and Motivating People
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Arousing Enthusiasm and Motivating People Introduction There is no denial that all organizations are set up based on specific goals, aims and missions. Most often than not, organizations are set up to either become profit yielding or to improve the lives of people in the community. There are therefore two broad types of organizations, which are profit making organizations and non-profit making organizations. Regardless of the differences in orientation in the primary philosophies of organizations, there is no doubt that all organizational heads focus their attention on the growth of their organizations. Organizational growth however does not come easily. Before any organization will grow, there is the need to put in place a number of measures that can affect the core productivity level of the organization. Gardener (2004) explains that the human resource base of any organization is the most powerful component of the organization as far as increased productivity is concerned. This means that when leaders in organizations put in measures to ensure that the human resource base of their organizations have a tune of mind that is directed towards effective and efficient output of work, there will be increased productivity. Garderner (2004) again points out that two of the fastest tricks to do in tuning the minds of human resource base of an organization towards productivity is by arousing enthusiasm among them and motivating them all the time. Theoretical Perspectives of Arousing Enthusiasm and Motivation Theoretically, motivation and the arousal of enthusiasm among human resource base (employees) of any organization are discussed concurrently. This is because motivation can lead to aroused enthusiasm whereas the arousal of enthusiasm can be an act of motivation in itself. Due to the importance of the need to arouse enthusiasm of workers and motivate them, these two phenomena have remained very central and instrumental in the study of management as an education and professional venture. To achieve a high sense of enthusiasm among human resource and to help motivate them, Akshithas et al. (n.d) have outlined a number steps that can be taken to attain this height. First, they suggest to leaders to be interested in their followers. In management and as an organizational principle, the relationship between leaders and followers is like a person standing before a mirror. The closer the person gets to the mirror, the closer the image gets to the person. This means that if leaders show concern to their followers by taking interest in some of their day to day activities, the followers will eventually become interested in the leaders and by extension, interested in the work to be done. Secondly, the writers suggest that much opportunity should be created and out of these opportunities, there should be reward for their accomplishments. This point has two parts and each of the parts arouses enthusiasm and ensures motivation. Indeed workers are at post to work. Whenever they are presented with opportunities that bring their abilities and skills to bear, they are highly challenged to continue putting in their very best. When they are rewarded for what they do also, they feel fairly treated and always seek for opportunities to continue working. Finally, Akshithas et al. (n.d) entreat leaders in organizations to be trustworthy and respectable in the sight of their workers. The legibility of this point is very clear and straight forward because no one would want to be enthused to work for a leader who cannot account for what is worked. The role of Arousing Enthusiasm and Motivation in Management and Human Resource In management, the absence of enthusiasm and motivation among human resource has been likened to the creation and breeding of apathy among workers. To this end, Toynbee (1975) elucidates that "Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can be aroused by two things: first, an idea which takes the imagination by storm; and second, a definite, intelligible plan for carrying that idea into action." Once an effective enthusiastic spirit is developed at the workplace and employees are well motivated, there are several benefits that can be developed from this situation. In the first place, there is the creation of harmonious living among workers at the workplace. Such harmonious living eliminates the problem of organizational conflict and creates a situation where all workers can work with the needed peace of mind and concentration to achieve their individual goals. Secondly, a well motivated staff is a committed staff. This staff gets committed because they are always assured that their commitment will be noticed and appreciated. Again, any organization that has its human resource well motivated and spirited to perform is sure to have a very rich employee-customer relationship. This is because the staff will always be in a good spirit to relate well with the customers. Finally, there is the ultimate result and benefit whereby there is growth and development of the organization because there will be increase in productivity. Conclusion Growth and development is necessary for all organizations but such growth and development will not come untamed. They are worked for. A lot of the work however demands on leaders of the organizations. These organizational leaders must put in place all the factors discussed in this essay to ensure that the human resource base of the organizations are well motivated and enthused to put up their best always. REFERENCE LIST Akshithas et al. (n.d). Motivation at Workplace. Human Resource Management Mba-620 Gardener D. G. (2004). Fundamentals of Organization Growth and Development. PrintMark Group Limited: Durban Toynbee A. (1975). Arousing Enthusiasm. Retrieved November 22, 2011 from Read More
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