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Cultural differences between east and west Germany (1945 - 1961) - Research Proposal Example

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East and West Germany initially had a common culture, history, and mentality but due to the communism spirit, differences developed between the two. There were structural…
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Cultural differences between east and west Germany (1945 - 1961)
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"Cultural differences between east and west Germany (1945 - 1961)"

Download file to see previous pages at interest as there are many people who do not understand the reason East and the West Germans behave differently, and the West is more developed than the East especially in governing matters1. History plays a great role in shaping communities and Germany was not an exception especially between 1948 and 1961when most of the differences existed. The study will enlighten many readers and the future researchers and help them understand the problems that faced countries and communities in the earlier times. Germany participated in the killing of many Jews due to racism that characterized the communities3.
The importance issues for discussion in this proposal are the highlights of the cultural issues such as the military culture between the East and the West Germany some of which exist today5. There was a strong social and collective mentality in the communist society in the East Germany, unlike West Germans who are individualistic. Religion also brought some differences in that there were few believers in the East in which many are atheist and unreligious4. In West Germany, more people were religious and attended the church and other worship places. The hobbies for the two regions were also different with East Germany loving nudism a lot more than West Germans do. Racism was also common in East Germany, it was rare to find foreigners, and seclusion for the few who existed was common5. The Nazi party persecuted many Jews, killed millions, and split their families by offering the convenient divorce. Even today, racism exists in the East more than it does in the West Germany, for instance, the Nazi dressing code that identified them for discrimination4.
There are various research methods to use in this proposal to discuss the differences, which exist in the two communities in Germany. First, examination of the available primary sources and lecture notes will assist in gathering enough literature for the study. Secondary sources such as academic journals and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Cultural Differences Between East and West Germany (1945 - 1961) Research Proposal)
Cultural Differences Between East and West Germany (1945 - 1961) Research Proposal.
“Cultural Differences Between East and West Germany (1945 - 1961) Research Proposal”, n.d.
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