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Socialism and Division Between the Public and the Private Domains - Essay Example

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Socialism is the cooperative alternative to capitalism helping to understand the problems faced by the society. It promotes communal rights and management of the commodities production and allotment through its extensive fiscal theories, for a society portraying impartiality for all citizens of the society thus following a democratic way of recompense…
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Socialism and Division Between the Public and the Private Domains
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Download file to see previous pages Countless dilemmas surfaced initially through socialism that was later replaced by the socio economic structures in the later years. Karl Marx explains that socialism can be attained through community effort and grassroots revolution forming a free enterprise that is referred as the Dictatorship of the proletariat.
Hann (1993) states that the congregation of the anthropology and socialism can exhibit numerous dividends for the society and at the same time assist in helping to understand the term socialism. When one studies the issues created by ethnographic accounts of the era post communism one comes to comprehend the significance of studying history; as it assists in emphasizing and understanding such issues that surfaced since the end of Soviet Union and communist ascendancy in Eastern Europe.
Prior to the formation of socialist societies the communal apartment was a common feature of everyday life that was devoid of any seclusion forcing distinct families to live together, sharing the domestic habitat. This fact practiced by the Soviet citizens has been elaborately highlighted by Gerasimova (2002) and Buchli explaining the alterations in the configurations of the private and public residents in the Soviet history as well as the correlation of their living spaces in prevailing housing schemes. The domestic duties lay in the hands of women alone while men were submissive to more technical work whether outside or inside the house. New social guidelines eradicated the private ownership of housing schemes thus giving rise to public spheres. The revolutionary Great Retreat in the 1930 brought main transformation, when the communal hierarchy resolutely recognized the cultured way of life and changed the boundaries between the private and public life.
Besides Eastern Europe the People's Republic of China, the largest country in East Asia developed itself as a socialist state in 1949 while the Republic of Cuba, a country in the Caribbean witnessed the Cuban Revolution that led to the overthrow of the Dictator government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959 by the 26th of July movement and other revolutionary organizationsin 1959, and was declared a socialist state in 1961.
Foucault (1991) observes the concept of government practices and the role of criticism; that acts as an important element to bring about a change in approach and achievements as a result. He states that governmental activities whether at present or in the past records have been altered to be more realistic and sensible over the years declaring it as an inventive and cultured objective not an instinctive one.
Various phenomenons occurred in the socialist and post socialist Eastern Europe as well as the capitalist West namely the privatization, the growth of the neo liberalism or the weakening of the welfare state which were later replaced by the socio economic structures. Each member of the society from the likes of bureaucrats and elites, to that of ordinary workers, and entrepreneurs and peasants faced individual issues as a result of such powerful revolutions. As accordingly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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