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How far do you agree with the intentionalist perspective that Hitler had always intended the extermination of the Jews - Coursework Example

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Hitler. The paper delves on the intentionalist concept. The paper focuses on Hitler’s intentionalist trimmings. The Intentionalist concept espoused Hitler’s directly ordered mass murder of the Jewish…
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How far do you agree with the intentionalist perspective that Hitler had always intended the extermination of the Jews
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"How far do you agree with the intentionalist perspective that Hitler had always intended the extermination of the Jews"

Download file to see previous pages Hitler insisted to the German population that the Jews were socialists as well as democrats who eagerly exploited the Aryan people’s need for social justice to grab social power over the Aryan population (Victor, 2000). The same school affirmed that Hitler made a blue print of his step by step architectural plan. The plan prioritised removing the Jews from the face of the earth. The intentionalists declared the Hitler Germany policy to exterminate the Jews led to the 1941 German invasion of USSR. The attack on the Jews was dubbed as Hitler’s final solution. Intentionalist philosopher Gerald Fleming branded Hitler as the Fighing Prophet. (Totten, 2000).
Further, the Nazi anti-Semitism policy from 1933 to 1939 focused on the discrimination of the Jewish people. Hitler’s government priorities included removing the Jews’ rights. For example, the business companies implemented the Hitler government policy by terminating Jews from their workplaces. In Germany, the Jewish youth did not have equal societal opportunities with non-Jewish youths (Friedlander, 2014).
In terms of how far Nazi leaders achieved prescribed policy goals, the Hitler government implemented a new civil service law on April 7, 1933 prohibiting the hiring of Jews. On April 26, the German government ordered the public burning of all Jew-authored books. On July 14, 1933, the German government cancelled the citizenship of its Eastern Jew residents (Friedlander, 2014). Concentration camps, including the Oranienburg_camp and the 1936 Dachau_concentration camps, were set up starting in 1933. During 1937, the government set up the Buchewald concentration_camp to accommodate the growing number of new Jewish prisoners. The camps were used for the consequent massacre of the German Jews. Instead of forcing Jewish prisoners to help in the production of German military equipment, Hitler preferred ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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