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What pressures shaped the nature and timing of decolonisation in Palestine - Essay Example

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The post-world war era was filled with a lot of political intrigues as the creation of the United Nations charter and the Israeli state increased tension in the Middle East. During the same period, seven Arab countries formed the Arab league while other non-Arab countries in…
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What pressures shaped the nature and timing of decolonisation in Palestine
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"What pressures shaped the nature and timing of decolonisation in Palestine"

Download file to see previous pages ine was not considered as a full country, but rather an informal settlement of non-Jewish Muslims whose influence would threaten the presence of the state of Israel. However, new forces began to emerge which led to the ultimate decolonization of the country and the current clamor to enter into the united nations under a full recognition charter. The pressures, intrigues and forces that gave impetus to the freedom struggle in Israel have been attributed to a number of factors inherent in the country and beyond. In this paper, various forces and activities that led to the final decolonization of Palestine will be discussed to illustrate the various interests and events that occurred during the process1.
The beginning of the 20th century was marked by significant push and clamor to create a Jewish state in the Middle East for the settlement of the Israelis who were living in different countries across the world. The support of Britain and the United States was being sought for the creation of a Jewish community settlement in Middle East despite the opposition of the Arab countries2. This led to the Balfour declaration in 1917 which increased the hopes of the Israelis that the British and the Americans will finally support their resettlement in a region they believed was their ancestral home3.
Before this declaration, Arthur Balfour scripted a letter to Lord Rothschild, one of the few Jewish people who had influence and wealth to determine the historical directions of the race. Rothschild had influence among the Americans and the British foreign secretary invoked his influence in beginning a process that will finally create a Jewish settlement within the Middle East. In this letter, Balfour declared that he will support attempts to create a permanent establishment for the Jewish people within the area under the control of the Palestine. He however highlighted that specific safeguards must be adopted to ensure that the non-Jewish Palestinians were also given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Pressures Shaped the Nature and Timing of Decolonisation in Essay)
What Pressures Shaped the Nature and Timing of Decolonisation in Essay.
“What Pressures Shaped the Nature and Timing of Decolonisation in Essay”, n.d.
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