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Palestine - Assignment Example

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The Arabs had in mind that the issue is not only in Jerusalem but also on the entire land of Palestine. The review of the Palestine history shows that the current crisis arise due to the…
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Extract of sample "Palestine"

Palestine Crisis The Palestine tragedy has a constant occurrence between the Israelites and the Arabs. The Arabs had in mindthat the issue is not only in Jerusalem but also on the entire land of Palestine. The review of the Palestine history shows that the current crisis arise due to the Al-Aqsa intifada known to introduce the recurring Palestinian prototype of economic despair, fratricide, miscalculation, religious radicalism and self-destruction.
At he end of World War I, Britain and France prejudiced the League of Nations in giving them the quasi-colonial. It was because of their dominant positions in the league. The regimes belonging to Britain and France referred to as mandates, in this context. France garnered mandate over Syria just after carving out the Lebanon as a state with a Christian majority. Britain took mandate over areas towards West Bank, Israel, Gaza Strip, and Jordan.
In the year 1921, Britain subdivided the region into two parts, from the East of Jordan River transformed into the Emirates of Transjordan, ruled by Faysal’s brother. The other part was from West to the Jordan River, which changed into the Palestine Mandate. Palestine at this time was a unified political unit, for their first time in contemporary history.
Agreements should unite all citizens regardless of religion or culture. Nonetheless, the failure to implement article 14 and 15 promoted religious conflicts. It meant that the state never had a defined code for religious claims and rights. Therefore, it led many of the people to oppose the Britain and French oppression as violations of their democratic rights towards self-determination. The state of Palestine worsened as the British failed to fulfill an agreement in the support of the initialization of Jewish national code. Therefore, the divergent opinions by the Palestinian Arab towards the British Mandate thwarted much anticipation for self-rule. In accord, they opposed the Jewish immigration as they considered it a threat to their religious positions. Such feeling of animosity led to the rise of clashes between the Jews and the Arabs in Palestine.
Therefore, the failure of Britain to owe up to its promises led to discrepancies that are even continuing in the civilized state in the world. Therefore, rather than preparing the country for self-rule the mandate agreement it sowed the seeds of Arab-Israeli war. Read More
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Palestine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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