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Palestine - Essay Example

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Eventually Israel efforts were successful in occupying the East Jerusalem. The biggest clash between the two nations was their religion and beliefs. Israel imposed their…
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Extract of sample "Palestine"

PALESTINE The conflict between Jerusalem (Arabs) and Israel (Jews) has taken its flight in the early 20th century.Eventually Israel efforts were successful in occupying the East Jerusalem. The biggest clash between the two nations was their religion and beliefs. Israel imposed their policies, law and Jurisdiction in order to maintain control and population management over the people of Palestine. The lives of the people living in Jerusalem were highly affected and as a result of these regulations. But the Government applied these techniques in order to prevent the formation of stronger Arab groups that can be danger for the Government and their control policies.
Under these techniques the Israeli Government restricted the citizenship for population of East Jerusalem; they also demolished the illegal houses. Government limited the city budget, and most of it evacuated the Palestinians who were living at West Bank. Due to these actions of the Government, people of Palestine felt threat to their homes and simultaneously their livings.
Government in 2002 established a Separation Wall around East Jerusalem, this Wall separated the relations. People living inside the barrier were forced to be divided and had to disrupt their connections with the people left outside. This caused difficulty for the people of Palestine because many had to end-up their relations, businesses were highly affected, many had to face economic downfall, a lot lost their jobs, transportation problems etc. Before this partition East and West Jerusalem were one .i.e. all the operations were inter-related, and thus after the Partition daily lives of Palestinians is badly affected.
The people living in and near Jerusalem have to encounter many problems in their daily life due to the separation barrier. These damaging affects include;
The ways to enter or exit the East Jerusalem, there are check-points to pass where the passengers have to face strict inspections. These inspections have become the reason for the development of negative feelings regarding distress and degradation among the people. People avoid passing that passage because it causes disruption in their daily life (Spencer, 76).
Restriction of Construction has caused the people of East Jerusalem to remain with their old homes and buildings. This has become a barrier for the businesses .i.e. no more buildings. One major difficulty is that families are expanding and the space is becoming congested. As a result there can be seen an increasing number of migration towards the cities at East, such as Al-Ezariyya and Abu-Dis. People migrate in-order to find peace and quality of life, but due to the restrictions of passing through Wall and strict inspection make them stay back and continue their lives as before. Due to this barrier women who are married to the men of East Jerusalem and men who are married to the women of Jerusalem are “Invisible” according to the new legal order. They cannot meet each other, since they cannot pass the Wall.
People of Palestine are also facing trouble in securing their holy things and religious places because of the difference of religion and beliefs.
The impact of the Separation barrier is very deep and influences the daily life of the Palestinians. It disrupts the daily activities of the people living in and around the Separation barrier.
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Spencer, William. The Middle East. Guilford, Conn: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 1998. Print. Read More
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Palestine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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