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To be specific, my memory on the history of our society starts at the 3100 BC and ends at the 2600 BC. One must not expect perfection on my recollection of our history because I am an artisan by profession, not…
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I Was There Paper
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"I Was There Paper"

Download file to see previous pages You might not know much about this time period within the history of our society because there is less written information on the same. Still, you can go through our pictorial writings and know more about this time period.
So, I am starting with the I Dynasty. Before the establishment of this dynasty, my nation was divided into two. But our king was that much influential and powerful enough to unify the divided nation into a single unit under a centralized authority. The United States Department of Defense stated that “The Archaic or Early Dynastic Period of Egypt immediately follows the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt c. 3100 BC” (n.pag). During the time of unification, the Upper Egypt was the axis of power because our king was from the Egyptian province known as Thinite. Besides, the unification was a tiresome effort because the people of the Lower part of our nation fought bravely. Still, our king became victorious because his aim was noble. He contributed so many innovative ideas to our society. For instance, he helped artisans like me by creating trade links with other nations like Phoenicia. Within the context of our society, our new king is the mastermind behind the establishment of an important city named as Crocodilopolis.
Similarly, our king did not neglect our gods because he constructed a big temple dedicated to our god named as Ptah. But there are so many stories related to the death of our first king because some people say that the king was killed by dogs and some other say that he was killed by a wild animal. His name as Scorpion King derives from his family sign of scorpion. But one can see that the death of our first king did not end the influence of the royal family within our society. For instance, the queen named as Neithotep ascended the throne and began to rule over the vast nation. To be specific, the queen decided to do so because her aim was to help her young son named as Djer, to be the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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