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Six-Day War: What led to it and was it unavoidable - Term Paper Example

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The region presents a confused political system that will be identified in latter parts of this paper as the Arab-Israeli conflict. The events…
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Six-Day War: What led to it and was it unavoidable
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Extract of sample "Six-Day War: What led to it and was it unavoidable"

Download file to see previous pages This study will aim to determine if the events leading to the Six-Day war were unavoidable.
The Six-Day War refers to the 1967 conflict between Israel and her neighboring states Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel’s Palestinian refugee problem and her participation in the Suez Canal crisis in Egypt became a major cause of distress to the Arab world. Hostility among Arab nationalists, among the then Egyptian president, Gamel Abdel Nasser increased tension between Israel and her neighbors. The continuous deterioration of this relationship in mid 1960’s intensified leading to a number of boundary clashes.
Even though Israeli’s records reveal that Israel acted prudently to the events leading to the war, and held Egypt fully responsible for the war, scholarly analyses are of the contrary opinion by revealing that the blame of the war rested on a number of unwanted escalations which, both sides could to put an end to. Significantly, because both sides were responsible, both were equally held responsible for events leading to the conflicts1. Historical presumptions may not provide clear answers whether and how either of the nations was responsible for sparking off the war and if the principal events were avoidable.
The intensity of this uncertainty has been created by lack of clarity on whether the Changes of Egypt for the duration of the Suez Canal crisis and Israeli’s continuous fights with the Arab world precipitated the war. In addition, President Nasser’s sentiments on dissolving Israel and reuniting Palestine to the Arab world through blood bring in a new twist to Israel’s relations with the Arab world2. Based on this background, we turn to scholarly analyses to explore the conspiracy theories on the rapid escalation and the main causes of the war. Therefore, this paper will seek to determine if the events leading ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Six-Day War: What Led to It and Was It Unavoidable Term Paper.
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