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Nuclear weapons should be abolished - Essay Example

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Indeed, threats to nuclear destruction dominated the half-century following the Second World War. It is crucial to point out that, every country in the world identifies the nonexistent…
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Nuclear weapons should be abolished
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Extract of sample "Nuclear weapons should be abolished"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, other nations have joined the nuclear weapons development bandwagon and are in the process of developing an arsenal of nuclear weapons, which can bring catastrophic losses of high magnitude. While realizing the fact that abolishing nuclear weapons does not fully guarantee a safe, secure, and peaceful world, this expose posits that abolishing nuclear weapons is a positive step towards guaranteeing a secure and safe world.
It is crucial to note that, one reason that led to superpowers obtaining and building up their reserves of nuclear weapons was in order to deter their competitors from starting a full-blown nuclear war. According to Parrington, such a strategy in military parlance is the strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Parrington notes that, the operational doctrine of MAD aims at two nations employing a military strategy in which the two can totally annihilate each other in case of a full-blown war using weapons of mass destruction. Thus, this remains the main reason that the world has witnessed the proliferation of nuclear weapons with new countries building up their reserves preparing for any eventuality. However, there is a growing concern amongst the leaders of the world on the weapons landing in arms in the arms of terrorists and dictators. While the former USSR and USA were the pioneers in nuclear weapons, many countries have stepped up efforts towards building their nuclear might. Some of these countries include Iran and North Korea, which form an axis of countries branded as a danger to world peace and stability.
Currently, countries have adequate nuclear weapons to annihilate each other, which by extension can result to a total annihilation of the world. Nevertheless, there is no assurance that the Mutually Assured Destruction strategy would work in the modern days since there lacks existence of a balance of power. On the other hand, rogue states may develop nuclear weapons and use them to strike other nations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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