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The Global Shift against the Death Penalty - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Global Shift against the Death Penalty" discusses that countries like South Africa Spain, Switzerland have defended their actions by saying that the death penalties are not the trademark of the civilized nations and should be eliminated from the laws as it is an abuse to the human rights…
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The Global Shift against the Death Penalty
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Extract of sample "The Global Shift against the Death Penalty"

Q1. There is a clear world trend away from capital punishment. What do you see as the most important reasons for this trend?
It is the nature of human mankind that whenever there is an effort rose for the saving of their kind or even if of nature’s they all stand up and say “yes it should be implemented and deaths or any other harms should be banned”, without fore sighting the consequences and the backgrounds of the act. According to Dieter, the basic reason for abolishing the death penalties by many states from their course of laws is the appreciation and the understanding of human rights. And no crimes will come to end by putting any person’s life to end even after committing any dreadful crime.
Q2. Should the U.S. be influenced by this world trend in establishing its own national punishment policy? Why or why not?
The United States is the one that breaks human rights itself. Though the government speaks a lot in the favor of saving humankind and ensures their protection in their course of communication with the foreign world yet it reveals concerns regarding violations of human rights in many country e.g Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan China. So its biasness towards this law is not likely to do so in the near future.
Q3. A number of U.S. states have suspended or abolished in practice the use of the death penalty in recent years due to cases of errors in its application. Should this situation be a factor in determining whether the death penalty should be continued?
No, it does not guarantee that the U.S will end the death penalty because American states will never be the follower of this abolishing of capital punishment. The suspension of states in the following of this rule has a reason behind it as according to the penalty of life taking is now remained with the act of murder (in which the criminal had taken the life of the other one). Because in other crimes e.g rape the victim does not die and so criminal is not hanged till death.
Q4. How do you explain the fact that the U.S. is one of the few nations in the world that actively employs the death penalty, and that the other nations are largely those with which the U.S. shares very little in common (i.e., few are U.S. allies or developed countries)?
It is in contract with many Human Rights treaties e.g ICCPR but does not abolish the death penalty and is does criticized by many other larger number of countries e.g France, Germany, Italy etc. Read More
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