Death penalty should not exist as a punishment for murder or terrorism - Essay Example

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This research proposal highlight the approaches that would be adopted in the process of determining whether the death penalty should exist or otherwise as a punishment for murder and terrorism. By studying this topic, the common feeling among people across the globe will be acquired…
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Death penalty should not exist as a punishment for murder or terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages Countries like the United States have retained the death penalty punishment for murder and terrorism convicts in the country. Though the categories of murder may differ, cold blood murder or homicides suspects are faced with death penalty in the United States. Though the death penalty continues to become unpopular in different parts of the world including Europe and even the United States itself, some countries have retained it. The united states, for example, continue to send murder convicts to the gallows through various ways as captured in the country’s penal code (Barner 2014).
Human rights activists across the globe have continually argued that the death penalty is illegal and against the universal bill of rights and should be abandoned. Such discussions have created different opinions towards this emotive topic as opponents and proponents argue against and for the death penalty. Though some states in the United States have shown intentions of abandoning the death penalty, others have stick to the tradition, arguing that murder convicts have no right to life. To fully understand and develop a common position on this topic, there is need for a deep research on the topic (Fletcher 2014). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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