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15 - 20 Discussion - Essay Example

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Especially regarding ethical issues, hardly has human mind ever reached to a conclusion. To our surprise such conflicts has been the source of a number of intellectual disciplines and philosophical discourse. Rather it…
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15 - 20 Discussion
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Download file to see previous pages t has said that, death penalty is imposed “not upon those who commit the worst kind of crimes but upon those who have the misfortune of to be assigned the worst lawyers”. (Bedau and Cassell, 2005, p. 209). Bright believes that poor people who are accused of capital crimes are often assisted by lawyers who are not well skilled and hence not in a position to defend his client from the death penalty. In Bright’s opinion money gains a prime importance in the courts of America. In the courts the one who lacks adequate wealth has to go through the ordeal of death penalty because the accused is not able to afford a proper lawyer for the case. The wealthy on the other hand can afford a lawyer who will take their case seriously and help them to achieve desired ends. Not only that Bright has also said that the courts sometimes do not even bother to look into the case carefully if a poor person is involved and gives a judgment of death penalty to the poor. Therefore according to Bright death penalties take place in America on the basis of wealth and are not based on the merit of the case and so it is better that death penalty is altogether abolished so that the poor do not suffer merely based on the fact that they are poor. (Recinella, 2004, pp.230-235).
Louis P. Pojman on the other hand supports death penalty. Pojman believes that those who commit gruesome crimes deserve to get adequate punishment and death is the most proper punishment for them. He has said that it is the duty of the society to give death penalty to those who deserve it. Pojman also holds the opinion that death penalty is required as a deterrence to fight the crimes of the society. He is also well aware of the fact that abolition of death penalty does not help to civilize a society. He says in spite of the fact that in America death penalty is discriminatory in nature it does not mean that the society has to do away with death penalty. He says that if a criminal commits crimes like murder he should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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15 - 20 Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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