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Great Events in History - Essay Example

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Great Events in History My beliefs of justice are strongly grounded in my religions beliefs that are continuously shaped with my spiritual growth. My belief about justice is also closely connected with my understanding of politics and history of how great events have unfolded in the past…
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Great Events in History
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"Great Events in History"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike of religious beliefs, there is no proper definition of justice in Quran and therefore my understanding is based on Muslim interpretation of justice. My view of justice is also partly open-minded since I strongly believe that no system is perfect to deal with all the complex situations the world is faced with. Men are the most decision makers when it comes to matters of Islamic justice even though we are equally affected by the outcomes of the decisions they make. I strongly believe that morality and ethics are the roots of all evil in the society and the remedy can easily be found in the spiritual traits. Life is sacred according to Islam hence should not just be taken away without proper accusation beyond any reasonable doubt. This therefore implies that life can only be taken away on the context of justice and law and not any other consideration (Abou & Cohen 71). The spirit of the Muslim penal code is to protect lives and promote justice and not the vice versa as many other people and religions have tried to paint it. Quran legislation for the death penalty in the case of murder, forgiveness, and compassion are strongly encouraged and the murder victims are given a choice to either insist on the death penalty or pardon the wrongdoer and accept compensation. The act of spreading mischief across the land on matters that are mostly related to apostasy, terrorism, piracy, rape, adultery, and homosexual behavior can also result to capital punishment according to the Muslim faith (Khadduri 102). The methods of punishment vary from place to place but the common ones in Saudi Arabia include firing squad, hanging and beheading. Executions are held in public places to act as a warning to those who may consider repeating such acts in future that their days are numbered. Vigilantism has no place in Islamic society and one must be properly convicted under the Muslim laws that require strict evidence standards before capital punishment is imposed on anybody. The act of homosexuality is highly prohibited according to my religion on the basis that it clashes with the natural order in which God created human beings. In the social scene, it brings destructions to the family set up since no two people of the same sex have the possibility to mate and give rise to a fertile offspring. The believers of Muslim faith should neither participate nor support such acts of gay either materially or psychologically at all time of their lives. We believe that everything has been created in pairs and such, people should benefit and develop a relationship based on the opposite sex and not same sex relationships. Pairing of the males and the females is part of human nature and the natural order that should be promotes in a culturally sensitive society (Khan 11). The Quran supports the relationship between a wife and husband as a relationship that supports love, tenderness and support and I strongly believe that such qualities can hardly be found on same sex relationships. There is punishment for acts of gayism according to Islam but there is no legal judgment for those who feel the homosexual impulse but are reluctant to act on them. Acting on homosexual feeling is a bad idea that is condemned and subject to legal punishment that varies from jail term to death penalty. The use of sexist, racist, and homophobic language is prohibited according to my traditions, culture, and religion. We strongly believe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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