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Londons Most Famous Events - Coursework Example

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From this research it is clear that London is recognized for its plethora of world’s most famous events, being conducted in the city on a yearly basis. For successful implementation of these events, high amount of safety and health concerns have also been taken into consideration by the authoritative bodies in London…
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Londons Most Famous Events
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Download file to see previous pages Adequate and proper knowledge of adverse weather conditions, artists’ and audiences’ profiles, communication systems, method statements, risk assessments and contracts, infrastructural appropriateness, emergency planning, as well as other amenities to suffice the need of the professionals participating in events and audiences have also been a major concern to the authorities when formulating event management strategies. Contextually, the common norms of event management indicate that the proper implementation of these issues will help in overcoming barriers to conduct events in an object-oriented manner (Holland-Moritz & Vandenhouten, 2013). Emphasising this particular notion, the study conducted henceforth will focus on illustrating London’s most famous events and how these events are conducted, with due significance to the problems faced during its conduct and the factors playing a crucial role for successful event management in future.
The cultural industry of London is famous for its experimentation and innovation, its risk-taking abilities and entrepreneurial synergies. It is this fact, which gives an idea of the reasons as to why London’s theatre shows, books, music, arts, and films are so popular and are enjoyed internationally. It is also owing to these attributes that London is known as the ‘City of tradition, conquests, and variety’, and has undoubtedly been living up to its expectations (Livingstone, 2011).
Considering the economic value of the city, it can be asserted as one of the most visited cities globally by international tourists. The wide variety of events conducted every year can be regarded as a major attraction to tourists in this regard. For instance, the Mayor of London traditionally organizes a yearly program of 8 core events to celebrate London’s traditions and communities including St. Patrick’s Day Parade and festival, Diwali festival, Liberty Festival, New Year’s Eve fireworks, Eid, Vaisakhi Festival and Feast of St. George. The mayor also initiates a plethora of other events, such as exhibitions at city hall and celebrations across London that keeps the inflow of both national and international tourists intact throughout a year (Greater London Authority, n.d.). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Londons Most Famous Events Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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