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Justice and Injustice - Essay Example

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In my home country of Saudi Arabia, I was raised in an environment, based on Islamic teachings, which ensured that I knew what was right from wrong, and this has enabled me to develop my own philosophy in life concerning how the society works. …
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Justice and Injustice
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Justice and Injustice

Download file to see previous pages... For example, I found that many individuals in America believed that since Saudi Arabia is an Islamic society, it does not have the necessary development to be in the modern world.
The major American image of the Saudi society is one which is extremely backward with little to commend it to the world apart from its oil wealth. This image of Saudi Arabia is a very bad stereotype of the people of this state because most of the population of this country is very much in line with the modern world, but living their lives in compatibility with Islam. The people of Saudi Arabia have adopted many of the ways of the Western world that they find to be good and this include has included the adoption of automobiles for transport, the wearing of western clothing, especially the men and most of all, they live in houses which have been built in the western style. The justice system of Saudi Arabia, while considered by many as extremely harsh, can be said to be among the most just in the world, because justice tends to be swift and decisive (Rosen 819). This has led to a situation where Saudi Arabia has among the lowest prevalence of crime in the world, meaning that its justice system is, while not perfect, among the best.
The popular opinion in America is that Saudi Arabia is a country which is mired in political fanaticism because of the fact that its laws are derived directly from the Quran. This image only applies to a few of the people in this society because the majority is surprisingly very liberal in matters concerning religion. Very few Saudis share the same religious point of view as that which is propagated by religious fanatics who commit acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. In fact, most Saudis tend to display the same kind of liberalism that is displayed by the other Arabs in the Middle East. The western perceptions of Saudis have been by the media’s portrayal of it and the only way to learn the truth is through finding out the facts. It is my opinion that the death penalty should continue to be applied in all societies because it is the surest way to ensure that justice against heinous crimes is attained. It can be argued that the death penalty serves as a disincentive to misdemeanours, since those who are given the death penalty serve as an example to those who would be tempted to indulge in criminal activities. In addition, it can be stated that there are some individuals, such as murderers, who when sentenced to death ensures that similar crimes within their societies are deterred from happening frequently. In the Islamic belief, it is stated that those individuals who cannot conform to the morals of the society, such as the natural laws against murder, have to be removed from society on a permanent basis. This action, however harsh it is helps to ensure that such individuals are kept from repeating the same crimes that they have committed. It can further be argued that the death penalty is a just punishment for those individuals who commit such heinous crimes as rape, murder, and other violent crimes it can be said that such people lack the human conscience to live in civilised society. It is my belief that the death penalty is completely justified especially when applied to cases where individuals have committed sequential murders or have committed mass killings, since these acts are unpardonable in most human societies in the world (Miller and Hayward 113). One would argue that the putting of such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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