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Iran and Nuclear Question (Policy Brief/Diplomatic Cable/Memo) - Essay Example

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To: THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. From: (Close trusted friend of the president) RE: IRAN and the Nuclear Question ISSUE There is no formal relationship between us [United States] and Iran all the way from 1980. The first diplomatic relationship between the US and Iran was established in the year 1883…
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Iran and Nuclear Question (Policy Brief/Diplomatic Cable/Memo)
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Download file to see previous pages As a result of all these occurrences, a group of revolutionary Iranian students apprehended the US Embassy in Iran (Tehran) and took 52 Americans as hostages. In response to this act, the United States broke the diplomatic relation with Iran in 1980. It is a fact that the US has, for a long time, been against Iran’s nuclear program. The nuclear program in Iran possesses a threat to both the US and the international community. In conjunction with the International community, the US has applied several methods to coerce Iran into engaging in discussions and addressing concerns over its nuclear program. One of the methods that have been applied to have Iran’s attention is sanctions that up to now, has proved futile. The Iran’s nuclear program is a bridge to weapons of mass destruction on both the US and the International community soils. The reality to the issue is that Iran’s nuclear program was launched by the help of the US in 1950s as part of the ‘’Atoms for Peace’’ program. The participation of the US and the Western European countries ended in 1979 after the Iranian revolution that overthrew the Iran’s Shah. In November 2011, the cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) significantly reduced after an IAEA report stated that Iran had undertaken research geared at nuclear weapons developments before 2003. The report alleged that Iran had conducted nuclear – related studies on nuclear weapons design, detonator developments, and multi-point initiation of explosives, and nuclear payload integration into a missile delivery vehicle. As per now, we [the US] and the international community believe in the credence of the IAEA 2011 report, and the main issue on the table is to compel Iran into discussions regarding its nuclear program. The International community’s sabotage operation on Iran’s nuclear program is active. According to an Iranian Fars News Agency, the Saudi Arabia and Israel’s Mossad intelligence division are co-inspiring to develop a computer worm which is worse than the Stuxnet malware that sabotaged Iran’s Uranium enrichment in 2010. This computer worm could be used to halt the functionality of Iran’s nuclear program in a matter of seconds. The Iranian Fars source mentioned that the recent agreement between Iran and the P5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France, and Britain plus Germany) made it difficult for the Saudi officials’ sabotage operations with the Saudi leader (Bandar) terming the move as the ‘’West’s treachery’’. According to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the November 23 agreement between the P5+1 and Iran was a historic mistake. From the November 17 Sunday Times report, Saudi officials and Israeli Mossad are working together to develop a contingency plan in case the Iran’s nuclear program is not adequately curtailed. The governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia both believe that negotiations with Iran could result in concessions being made to Iran, which according to them, is not an effective move in terminating Iran’s nuclear program. U.S. NATIONAL INTERESTS The United States’ sole interest in the Iran’s nuclear program is to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon. The US fears what the fate of its citizens and the international community would be, if Iran is powered with nuclear weapons. Your government knows that it is unrealistic to force Iran to abandon every part of its multibillion-dollar nuclear infrastructure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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