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In this paper discusses the ethical use of nuclear weapons. People often criticize nuclear weapons due to the potential harm but seldom have they realized the potential advantages of nuclear technology. The use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent, as a source of independence…
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The Ethical Use of Nuclear Weapons
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The Ethical Use of Nuclear Weapons
Since its creation nuclear weapon has been a tremendous threat for human existence. People often criticize nuclear weapons due to the potential harm they can cause to human civilization, but seldom have they realized the potential advantages of nuclear technology. In this paper we will discuss the ethical use of nuclear weapons. The use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent, as a source of independence, and its similarity to human nature the points we will discuss below.
Nuclear Weapons as Deterrent
The potential damages of nuclear weapons are so dreadful that it creates a deterring effect on different countries (Schelling, 4). Countries fear a nuclear attack and that’s why they do not attack other states. This is an ethical use of nuclear weapons because it puts violence to an end. Wars are a part and parcel of human civilization but now nuclear weapons can help eradicate violent conflicts.
The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) says that a nuclear attack by two parties on each other will eventually lead to their mutual destruction (Parrington, 1). This restricts or deters a country from using nuclear weapons against another country. The ethical use of nuclear weapons has ensured a long lasting peace by acting as a strong deterrent.
Independence of States
Another ethical use of nuclear weapon s is that it allows a country to enjoy independence. It is important for countries to tread on a course of their own interest and for enjoying that kind of independence nuclear weapons are important otherwise countries will keep on interfering in the affairs of other states. Nuclear weapons also provide countries with political independence (Edwards, 41) as other states cannot impose their own policy on them.
The world is ruled by force and nuclear weapons have ensured the security of many countries since its creation (The Week, 1). This is why nuclear weapons are ethical in nature as they secure countries. They are pivotal for maintaining sovereignty of a country from external threats, both violent and diplomatic.
Human Nature
Nuclear weapons are nothing but an extension of human nature and his desire to fight. Human beings are inherently belligerent therefore they will, eventually, find ways to go to war. It is therefore futile to talk about disarmament as it will not help anything rather more clandestine ways will be developed to fight. Human beings cannot resist fighting and that’s why nuclear weapons are just a representation of human nature. Wars cannot be eliminated and it will be naïve to think otherwise (Ebert, 1).
It also important to understand that human beings have a natural inclination to fight and it was because of violent impulses that state and authority came into existence (The Philosophy of War, 1). It is therefore foolish to even consider that humans will abolish nuclear bombs.
Nuclear technology is serving many important purposes and one can argue that it has ethical uses. It is stopping the world from fighting with each other and it is also safeguarding independence of states. Nuclear weapons represent human nature and therefore they cannot be curbed. Human beings are natural fighters and they cannot change that so nuclear weapons should not be abandoned and their ethical uses should be accepted.
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