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v Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: The Battle of Midway A Naval Analysis The battle of midway was a retaliatory attack on Japan by the US after Japan struck Pearl Harbor during the second World War period. This attack occurred between the fourth and seven of June in in the year 1942 six months after the initial attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor…
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The Battle of Midway - A Naval Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, this combat was at Midway atoll which was a mid-pacific naval base because of the high water tower visible in the area. In the past, Japan portrayed prowess over the US navy hence making them strike any where that they chose to without seeking consent from the US navy. However, The Battle of Midway created an equal platter for the two naval entities to take deemed offensiveness on one another. With these shallow facts presented, this essay will investigate the Battle of Midway and the significance it had on the historic past of the United States. Background information Primarily, Japan had strong convictions about eliminating US control over the greater Pacific region as a way of allowing themselves to create a larger Asian sphere for prosperity. For them, taking war to the Americans meant that Japan had demoralized them through defeat as a way of gaining upper recognition in the Pacific war. As part of their plan, Japan intended to lure US aircraft fleets into a trap that would allow them to be occupants of Midway on US soil. This action drew influence from the Doolittle Raid that made Japan cautious that facilitated the expansion of their perimeter defense area. However, the operation failed miserably because the US navy broke Japanese naval codes that provided information on the time and location of their deliberated attack 1. In essence, Japan intended to use Midway as a potential combat location that would have furthered attacks n Islands like Fiji and Samoa. In this regard, the forewarning enabled assisted the US in their setting up of a successful ambush of four out of six aircraft carriers as a vengeance plot for their own carriers attacked by Japan. Japanese battle plan As history would present it, the attack mission was under the able leadership of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku that focused on winning the US over as they had done to Malaya, Phillipines, and Indonesia. However, there resulted internal wrangles between the Imperial Army and the Navy that led to delayed plans for the attack. In due time, the conflict achieved solutions as Yamamoto threatened to resign citing no cooperation from their counterparts. Finally, the two war agencies adopted his hatched plan to the latter. Essentially, Yamamoto was for the idea of destroying US aircraft forces as the country served as the primary hurdle to conquering the pacific. Moreover, the heightening of this concern drew influence from the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942 where US targets bombed Japanese cities. From this attack, the Japanese viewed American carriers as merciless threats as they were able to penetrate their territory with ease that tormented the Japanese psychologically. In his attack plan, Yamamoto intended to knock down defenses that existed in Midway and then establish a Japanese owned airbase there. The plan included an assault attack led by Deputy Admiral Nagumo Chuichi and his aircraft carrier from the North West. This would have weakened the forces of defense in Midway to facilitate a strike on US warships. Next in the battle aircraft line would be a battleship with Admiral Yamamoto on-board who was to be the heavy Ferrier of gun powder essential for the war. Additionally, vice admiral Kondo Nobutake was to come from the southwestern and the western side whose role in the battle of Midway was to secure the area ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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