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It is important for new age Muslim faithful’s and those people of other religions to understand the purpose of the Holy Quran and why it was written in Arabic. Until recently; the Quran only existed in Arabic and even the translated editions that exist do so with the Arabic…
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Why the Quran was written in Arabic
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Why the Quran was written in Arabic Summary It is important for new age Muslim faithful’s and those people of other religions to understand the purpose of the Holy Quran and why it was written in Arabic. Until recently; the Quran only existed in Arabic and even the translated editions that exist do so with the Arabic instructions side by side. Understanding the choice of language will see the doubts that are instilled to modern day Muslims and the general public shy away from the myths and gain confidence in the Holy book.
The Quran is seen as very easy to understand. It has around 80,000 words, but only 2,000 words are repeated over and over to create a script.1 Anyone willing to learn the Quran will only have to learn 2,000 new words. If a person set a target of ten words to learn in a day, it would only take them7 months to learn the Quran. The Quran is believed to have been written in Arabic; the language that was first revealed to the prophet through the angels. As evident from the Holy Quran Chapter 14 verse 4 states “And we never sent a messenger save with the language of his nation, that he might make (our revealed message) clear for them”. 2Arabic was regarded as the language of the prophet and that of his people and thus the best way to convey a message to the chosen people would be through the language most used by the people. Arabic was the language of the last messenger of Allah, Muhammad. Some scholars see no religious inclination there as they felt it was only natural for an Arab to write exclusively in his native language.3 It would make no sense for the Holy Quran to be inscribed in any other language for the use by the Arabs.
The Quran is not written by the Prophet nor was it his invention but was dictated to him by the spirit and angel of Allah. It is important for Muslim faithful’s to accept that it was through the miracle of Angel Gabriel revealing God’s word to the prophet that the Quran came to existence.
Rationale & Significance
This project is imperative in this day and age. It is important to iron out this issue once and for all to help improve cohesiveness and unity between practicing faithful’s of different religions. Many people who do not understand the Arabic language- those who cannot speak or read it feel left out from the teachings of the Quran, and thus the major significance of this project will be to help them understand the truth behind the choice of language. To remove all doubt that the Quran is the message from God Allah the most high and not the writings of his messenger prophet Muhammad will also help all skeptics; Muslims or not to embrace the teachings of the Quran and live according to his word.
Literature Review
The major source for this proposal was the Holy Quran itself as it contains the justifications needed to validate its authenticity and the necessity for it to be written in Arabic. The literature by Epiasto focuses to validate Islam as the one true religion and why Arabic is vital in Islam.4 This book demystifies the myths surrounding Islam and backs up the Quran as the Holy book from which all Muslims should get their instructions. Gardell came forward to write about the life of the prophet from birth.5 The book gives chronological proof that Muhammad was a chosen prophet upon visitation by an Angel, who simply wrote down the recitation of the Angel. The book gives clear indication that he was just a man under divine instruction.
Methodology of the literature review was employed to get information concerning the topic under analysis.
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