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This paper "The Qur’an - Composition and Content" focuses on the fact that composition and compilation of the written Quran took several decades. According to Muslim accounts, compilation, and composition of the Quran began in 610 when Gabriel appeared to Mohammed in a cave near Mecca. …
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The Quran - Composition and Content
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Download file to see previous pages In a journal, A theory of Semantics-Based on Old Arabic, Adi notes that there are disagreements by the Muslims and non-Muslim scholars on whether Muhammad wrote the Quran during his lifetime or whether the compilation and composition of the holy book began with Abu Bark al-Siddiq, the first Caliph. After writing of the Quran, it was canonized by Uthman ibn Affan gave unanimity of its sources.
This task looks at how Islamic traditions of the time of compilation and composition of the Quran explain the content and composition of the holy book. It explains the manner in which compositional characteristics, as well as the content of the Quran, suggest the development of Islamic religion.
The Umayyad Period that spanned between 44/661 and 132/750 marked the composition of the Hijazi script of the Quran. These were the earliest known manuscripts of the Quran3. The most fundamental reforms in the manuscripts took place under the rule of Abd al-Malik, the 5th Umayyad Caliph. The traditions and practices of the people and the ruling class of Umayyad at the time were evident in the version of the Quran. According to Kelsey’s Ethics of War in Asian Civilizations, Abu’l Aswad al Du’ali found the Arabic grammar and introduced the system of using large, coloured dots to indicate the tashkil. Umayyad governor, al-Hajjaj later enforced this system and it became a basic scheme for the composition of the Quran. The codices found during this historical period were made of a single volume. It was during this time that the codices went from vertical to horizontal, a system that is used in Qurans to date5. Additionally, the composition of the Quran at this time saw an introduction of bold and heavy looking scripts that made them different from Christian and Jewish scripts and emphasized the supremacy of the Quran. These developments matched the then prevailing Islam tradition of pride and air of religious supremacy in the Arabian region.
According to Brinner & Stephen’s “Studies in Islamic and Judaic traditions: papers presented at the Institute for Islamic-Judaic Studies”, Abbasid style succeeded the manuscripts and composition styles that Umayyad Dynasty used.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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