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Jihad and Women in the Quran - Essay Example

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Islam is regarded as a peace-seeking religion, but the socially constructed view of Islam and Muslims across the world as supporters of violence has heightened after the 9/11 attack in US. The skeptical debate of jihad and its scripturally mandated violence have been reiterated…
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Jihad and Women in the Quran
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Download file to see previous pages etween Muslims and non-Muslims, exemplified either by ‘dynamic’ method or classical jurisprudence, is subject to socially stereotyped views as well as political misinterpretations. However, when one does a historical assessment of jihad doctrine, particularly the war-jihad and gender-jihad, it is possible to state that Muslims have no obligation to wage jihad on the basis of Qur’anic readings. Commonly, Muslims’ understanding of the Quran is based on one’s own reading of the text or one’s attempt to extract the meaning from the text. The discussion here focuses on this assertion in relation to few readings on war and gender issues thereby exploring the essence of Islam and interpretation of Quran regarding jihad against these particular issues.
There is still a continuous suspicion among the people of the world when it comes to the question of terrorism based violence and the role of Islam and its radical followers. The dialectical interpretation of fundamentalism, women-rights, and many such infelicities, with no regard to cultural, social, religious, and economic differences also owes to the wrong interpretation of Islam, particularly the jihad. However, the major misunderstanding lies on the interpretation of the Qur’anic readings, with many extracting its meaning textually rather than contextually thereby wrongly interpreting it. Particularly, the concept of jihad or ‘just war’ is often misinterpreted in the essence of Islamic law as a justification for violence or war by various institutions. Whatever the reason for jihad be, either war or gender oppression, the entire doctrine is strongly rooted on the Qur’anic readings and its interpretations. In that direction, it can be observed that misunderstanding of jihad as a violent concept or a declaration of war by the radicals can bring religious justifications for warfare in the name of God.
“Differences about the status and nature of jihad are a marked feature of early Islamic law, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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