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His of Islamic - Essay Example

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Examine the impact of European expansion between 1400 and 1700 on the Islamic World. What Impact did it have in the three gunpowder empires, Islamic Africa and the Islamic Indian Ocean Basin? Were these societies able to resist Western cultural, economic, and political…
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His of Islamic
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Extract of sample "His of Islamic"

Islamic history i. Examine the impact of European expansion between 1400 and 1700 on the Islamic World. What Impact did it have in the three gunpowder empires, Islamic Africa and the Islamic Indian Ocean Basin? Were these societies able to resist Western cultural, economic, and political domination? Why or why not?
Prior to European occupation of the Islamic world, the Europeans considered Islamic world as much bigger than theirs but they were determined to conquer and rule the Islamic world. As described by the most significant impact of European impact in Islamic world was the introduction of capitalism, which enabled them to trade in items such as oil and gunpowder with the Muslims. Europeans did not manage to introduce Christianity in Islamic world since Islam as a religion had taken root and it was not easy to replace it with another religion. In the three gunpowder empires, the Europeans managed to create a relationship, which helped them to practice trade. Yes, they were able to resist the western cultural, political, and economic domination because they had established their single culture and political class, which united them.
ii. How did the patterns of trade in the Islamic world change between 1400 and 1700? Why? What were the consequences of the change in trade for the five groups of Islamic societies that we have discussed?
There was emergence of new trading partners where commodities from Islamic world were sold in European markets in exchange European goods were sold in Islamic world. For instance, gunpowder produced in Islamic world sold in Spain and Britain. In turn, the trading patterns led to new global economy whereby other countries such as the Americas became involved in trade, which improved transport, and communication systems in countries involved in trade since goods were to be transported to market either by road or by sea.
iii. Compare and contrast the societies in each of the following Islamic groupings: The North Africa, The Middle East/Europe, South Asia (including India), Central Asia, and the Indian Ocean Basin. How were their political, social, economic, religious, and cultural institutions organized? How did these societies differ from each other?
Islamic grouping of North Africa are mainly Sufi or Sunni. However, Islam in North Africa is dynamic since it has been influenced by prevalent political, economic, and social conditions. Despite this, Islamic societies in North Africa conform to the belief system and cultural contexts of the continent’s own teachings. The Middle East or Europe Islamic group began with Roman expansion where Romans interacted with Islamic groups from Asia and Middle East thus forming an Islamic culture in Middle Europe especially in Turkey. Therefore, their organization and teachings are similar. The south Asia, Central Asia, and Indian Ocean basin Islamic group were much organized since their religious influence emerged from Iran, which means they share common religious beliefs and systems. The cultural, social, economic, and political institutions were based on the teachings of Quran, which united them against foreign influence. It is hard to identify how these societies differed because they were organized in similar manner.
iv. Part II:  Identify 5 of the following:
i. Dutch East India Company was founded in 1602 by Dutch Vereenigde to guard Dutch trade in the Indian Ocean peninsula and help in war of independence from Spain.
ii. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was the 10th ruling sultan of the famous Ottoman Empire from 1520-1566.
iii. Akbar was Mughal emperor who ruled the Mughal empire or dynasty of India from 1556 till he died in 1605.
iv. Alawite Morocco was named after the Alawite Shi’a sect a French occupied territory on the Coast of modern day Syria.
v. Jelali Revolts were rebellions that took place in Anatolia of irregular soldiers under the command of provincial administrations called celali against the leadership of Ottoman Empire in the 17th century.
vi. Funj people are an ethnic group found in modern day Sudan who moved from Sudd to Nubia in the 16th century.
vii. Qizilbash was a label or tag given to various Shi’i militant groups that thrive in Kurdistan and Anatolia beginning from 13th centuries onwards.
viii. Ismail (Safavid) is an Arabic name meaning Allah has heard your cries
ix. Khojas they were a group of people in South Asia who converted to Islam.
x.   Aceh is a region found in Indonesia.
Work Cited
Silverstein, Adam. Islamic History: A very Short Introduction. Oxford: OUP Oxford,
2010. Print. Read More
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