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The paper compares two articles on Bergen-Belsen and states that the Jews, in fact, were held captive in Germany. The unfolding from the two articles clearly portrays that the inmate camps existed and the remains found in the alleged areas confirms that callous practices took place in Bergen-Belsen…
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Bergen-Belsen Camp
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 The main reason why Anne Frank and her sister were moved from Auschwitz to Bergen – Belsen was because the three Auschwitz camps and the forty satellite camps had been abandoned by the Germans. Anne and her sister Margo were among the survivors of the Auschwitz II, also known as Birkenau. Eli Wiesel and his father were allowed to stay behind in the camp since Eli was in the hospital at Monowitz, recovering from an operation on his feet at the time of evacuation (Weber, 24).
The gas chambers were designed in such a way that they were not isolated from the inmate barracks and they operated day and night. For instance, Auschwitz-Birkenau was positioned parallel to one of the gas chambers where the inmates could have a clear view of the operations taking place inside the chambers. This led to psychological distress, agony and trauma among the prisoners considering that children, women and the aged were among the captives. The effects that resulted from the free standing chimney are not different from the gas chamber as they both symbolized the untimely destruction of the captives (Piper 13).
The Phil Donahue interview brings to light what exactly happened in Auschwitz by distinguishing facts from fictions. During Phil’s interview, Cole contradicts various issues given in his initial report. For example, Cole changes the number of the total deaths from six million to four million, and also states that he did not see any gas chimney in Auschwitz, contradicting his first account. Cole’s second narration explicit a huge difference therefore, rendering his original report prejudiced. Consequently, Phil Donahue’s interview develops a new angle into the holocaust story by David Cole’s that demands a keen study and a new analysis with an independent investigative body (Rabbitoflnle 17).
Comparing the two articles on Bergen-Belsen, one can candidly conclude that the Jews as a matter of fact were held captive in Germany. The unfolding from the two articles clearly portrays that the inmate camps existed and the remains found in the alleged areas confirms that callous practices took place in Bergen-Belsen. For instance, both articles give an account of the remains of the dead bodies, clothes, shoes and the remains of the Barracks where the captives were sheltered. This is a clear sign that at least people were confined under poor conditions in Bergen- Belsen (Rabbitoflnle 19).
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