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I saw anne frank die - Essay Example

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The author was unable to tell this story earlier since she is of the opinion that during her stay at the concentration camps, the feelings of human beings were lost and she…
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I saw anne frank die
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Extract of sample "I saw anne frank die"

I Saw Anne Frank Die [Type the document sub [Pick the The story is about the conditions of people who were residing in concentration camps at Bergen-Belsen. The author was unable to tell this story earlier since she is of the opinion that during her stay at the concentration camps, the feelings of human beings were lost and she never felt like telling anything to anybody even after she left the camp.
The essay revolves around the idea of portraying the miserable life of people who were spending their lives in concentration camp. On one hand, hunger was killing innumerable people whereas on the other hand soldiers and disease was taking away the lives of people. The writer promotes the notion that sharing personal stories with others is very helpful.
The author was sent to Westerbork along with her husband, where they spent a year in a transit camp. This was a hard time as the writer explains that there was no facility for heating and the Nazis were inclined towards killing the innocent people by starvation.
From the transit camp, the author was moved to Bergen-Belsen where she was forced to become the barrack leader. It was here that the author was made to work in a factory where bullets were made for the Nazi soldiers. They were given very less food and lots of people die due to starvation and disease.
The author was ordered to be a barrack leader since the Nazi commandant of the concentration camp knew the author as she belonged to the same hometown as the commandant’s, and was a class fellow of her uncle.
Menkel, I. S. (1997). "I Saw Anne Frank Die" - Holidays. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from Read More
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