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Physical And Emotional Loads Of The Soldiers In The Vietnam War - Essay Example

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In ‘The Things They Carried,’ William Timothy O’Brien writes about the difficulties of the soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War. The paper "Physical And Emotional Loads Of The Soldiers In The Vietnam War" discusses the internal conflicts which those soldiers experienced in the war…
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Physical And Emotional Loads Of The Soldiers In The Vietnam War
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Extract of sample "Physical And Emotional Loads Of The Soldiers In The Vietnam War"

Download file to see previous pages Soldiers basically carried with them an assault rifle, which is usually carried by soldiers of low rank. Some of them also had grenade launchers, multi-purpose two-pound poncho and even magazines of ammunition. Some included mosquito repellents, chewing gums, marijuana and pocket knives. Their priorities could be seen from the things they possessed. These loads were taken along because it would be of physical help to them in the war. There were other things which gave them psychological support, which made them emotionally strong in facing the war. These things were of great value to them. Lt. Jimmy Cross, carried with him reminders of Martha, his love. Cross has the letters which she sent to him. He occasionally took them out and read, hoping that she would be his sometime in future. He also keeps in his mouth a good-luck pebble, which was given by her. Henry Dobbins was peculiar because he found his girlfriend's pantyhose important and put it around his neck. Ted Lavender found it imperative to calm himself down and so always kept tranquilizers with him. Kiowa preferred the New Testament and kept it safe.
While they literally carried these things, they also carried emotions, which were emphasized with their possessions. Cross keeps Martha's reminders and Dobbins puts the pantyhose around the neck in remembrance of their love. It gives them comfort in the war to think about the girls they love. Compasses and maps are also carried by Cross because he has the responsibility of the lives of his men during the war. Some of them like Lavender carry fear which never leaves him. Apart from all these, the soldiers have a reputation, which puts them under a lot of pressure. They have the responsibility to fight courageously forgetting all their personal thoughts and grieves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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